Mailbag: Make It Stop Edition


I know, I know. Three mailbags in four days. But there’s nothing to talk about right now, except for the 30-something Leafs questions that are somehow in my mailbox. I promise if this lasts much longer, I’ll just take a break. Until then…

Between Stamkos, Subban, E Kane and Conor McDavid, who’s more probable of being in the blue and white uniform and why?

Subban seems very adamant that he wants to stay with the Montreal Canadiens. He grew up a fan, he’s well liked there, fits well into their system. This is all just a negotiation process, unless somebody came in with an insane offer sheet, which I doubt the Leafs would do in this case. So not him. I don’t think they’re going to be bad enough to get Connor McDavid, barring Phil Kessel and both goalies suffering season-ending injuries right off the hop.

Kane would be the most likely short term option; I see no real reason to assume that he’d be a fit in Toronto, but he’s really the only one who might be on the market right now. Stamkos speculation aside, 2016 is a long way way and the interest right now seems to be one sided (he has to agree, after all).

What’s the worst boat-anchor contract in the NHL? Please don’t say David Clarkson 😛

“I have a question for you, but please don’t give me the correct answer”. Clarkson has possibly the worst contract of the cap era. He has never in his career been a 5.25M player, showed no reason to believe he’d improve to one, and is old enough to be rapidly approaching his regression years. He’s not as bad as everyone makes him out to be, but that deal is.

Especially with it’s ridiculous buyout structure.

Could you see Willie Nylander playing for the Leafs this coming season? Would it be the right move? Do you secretely want him on the Marlies so you can get to interview him?

I don’t see a point, especially now that I’ve been corrected (he can play in the AHL with his first year sliding after all, as long as he isn’t called up). They’re clearly looking to him to play as a centre, and getting third or fourth line minutes isn’t going to help him at all. 

Though I would like to interview his hair. Not him. Just his hair.

Is Dubas-Spott eventually taking over for Nonis-Carlyle basically a done deal?

Possibly, but I wouldn’t entirely bet on it. The first case seems likely. I don’t think Nonis’ demise is going to be in the immediate future; the offseason looks good and I can’t see them doing worse than the end of the season. As long as they don’t completely blow it, the Leafs probably see it as in their best interest to let Dubas learn the ins-and-outs of a professional organization before thrusting him into that role. That is, of course, if they see him as the heir apparent.

As for Spott, who knows if he’s “that guy” out of the two assistants. Horacek has coached in the NHL already and the Panthers were better with him than they were without him. He may get precedent.

Sorry about the terribly generic question but, what is your favorite hockey memory?

Crosby’s golden goal. I was at a Boston Pizza when it happened, and remember the absolute pandamonium. Even better, the reaction at Yonge and Dundas Square, and across downtown Toronto. Running around the streets, high fiving cops and drivers, crowd surfing.. it was just amazing.

Just straight up for hockey’s sake? You’re going to all hate me for this, but as someone who is a Canucks fan as my #2 team, I basically jumped up and ran out of my house screaming when Burrows scored the Game 7 OT winner against the Blackhawks.