Mailbag: Double Dip


Nothing happened today and there’s still a lot in my inbox that needs to be answered. May as well have another mailbag. For people who dread these; I’m super sorry. For those who don’t, lets get to it!

Do you think Dubas will actually have a huge impact? As an AGM, can he actually affect the team in a noticeable manner?

Depends on a lot of things. The Leafs tend to assign the day-to-day operation of the Marlies to one of their assistants, for example. Last year, it was Dave Poulin. Before him, Dave Nonis. One tends to be involved in the salary cap and contract negotiations. Claude Loiselle had that role last year, while Jeff Jackson preceded him. I’m intrigued as to which direction Dubas will be sent in; I’m guessing towards the former, given his OHL experience and the hope that he’ll eventually be a full-on GM. 

As well, he’ll obviously have a say in round table discussions. Given some of the Leafs’ recent history, you’d have to think he’ll be an opposing voice on occasion. Even if it’s not always in his favour, just the idea of creating an argument rather than a desk that’s going to “yes man” each other sounds like a step in the right direction.

is bozak a second line ahl centre / is bozak an ahl 3rd line centre / is bozak a 4th line ahl centre / is bozak a first line centre / is bozak a second line centre / is bozak a third line centre / is bozak a fourth line centre / is bozak an ahl 1st line centre

Thanks for sending me eight different questions. To answer them all; Tyler Bozak is an NHL 1st line centre. He fits this description because he has spent the bulk of his last several hockey years playing on the first line of an NHL team. Whether or not that is the correct place to put him is up for debate, but I’m going to stay out of the talk about him from now on. It’s simply not worth it for me to mention him at this point.

Are people expecting too much when they hope that Booth/Santorelli become like Raymond?

I don’t think so. The comparison is “low risk, high reward” which are definitely the cases with both of these guys. Their long term underlying numbers imply that they’re not likely to put up below-salary performance, and have a chance at exceeding it. Plus they’re also former Canucks. I don’t think anybody is going to complain if they aren’t smash hits, as long as they reach fair value. That won’t be hard.

Nylander to the SHL or AHL?

Wouldn’t be surprised if they go the AHL route. It burns a contract year, but allows them to develop him with a keen eye and with a lot of the same staff. Could go either way, however.

Would u trade joffery lupul if you’re dave nonis?

I’d at least explore the option, but that goes for any player. He’s not getting any younger, and if somebody is willing to give up more than fair value, why not? He’s a player that you’d like to keep around, but not in the “core” group moving forward.

how long into the Leafs season will it be before DBooth is on the IR?

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Colton Orr, who is called up to replace him, makes a key giveaway in Game 7.

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