It’s a momentous time to be alive for those who like filters and tapping their thumb quickly and in succession; Dion Phaneuf has joined Instagram.

The Leafs captain made his debut on the website four days ago, for reasons that nobody quite understands. Seeing as his first photo is him signing cards for Panini, one would guess that they have something to do with it.
Since then, Phaneuf’s photographic masterpieces have largely centred around playing golf. Amazing, only some of his comments have been obvious jokes. We’ll see if Dion eventually makes the leap to Twitter, though from the looks of his early foray into the internets, we’re not missing much. Join his thousands of new followers at dion_phaneuf3.

  • I’m not a big fan of Phaneuf. The main reason is that using advanced stats, it is easy to see that Franson is better at hockey then Phaneuf.

    And not only does he have poor fancy stats which I learned from various bloggers, but Phaneuf has poor tastes in music and is not a good leader/captain.

  • Maybe Leaf fans can make posts so he can learn how to play defense. Hey Dion when skating backwards look at the forwards team logo instead of the puck type of pointers. Get between yourself & your goalie with your stick under or over the opposition to prevent shots. Stop passing up the middle & rifle the puck off of the boards type of suggestions are needed, something he’s forgotten since peewee.