The Steve Dangle Podcast – July 15, 2014 – Coffee & Wedding Bells

On this episode, the guys talk about the Leafs’ hype machine, Ranger, the Jets, Ribeiro, and more.

  • Logan

    I have to say, long time reader… first time listener. I’ve enjoyed the articles that you write Steve but I couldn’t get past 10 minutes of this podcast.

    My issue was two specific voices (not sure who they were) that kept on yapping about nothing, attempting to be funny. And every time a third voice (I assume this one was Steve) began to talk hockey, the other two idiots would interrupt him with another horrible attempt at humor.

    I honestly did want to hear your views, so this is my opinion on what you should change;

    If you’re serious about being taken seriously, stop with the mindless banter. I understand you guys have probably been doing this a long time, and some back and forth is good (when it’s funny). But you need to focus on the hockey, pick a topic and discuss it. I apologize if that’s how the podcast progressed, but the first ten minutes were just painful. Maybe you guys ripping on each other about your manerisms is hilarious in your perspective… But my lord was that boring on my end.

    Maybe I’m far off the base here, and you guys are trying to do a talk show/comedy podcast that has the odd hockey convo…. and if that’s the case I apologize. But it that is the goal please please please get someone remotely funny to make the jokes because those two are awful.

    • BayStParade

      I don’t think this podcast is for you. Usually the podcasts begin with ‘mindless banter’ and gets more hockey heavy after, so maybe you could give it another try. However, they do often get sidetracked and I think that’s what makes this podcast unique and enjoyable to listen to.
      Also, I don’t think they’re gonna change the hosts because you don’t find them funny, plenty of other listeners seem to enjoy their humour, maybe it’s just not your type of humour.

      • BayStParade

        No, you’re right.. I guess for me personally I was expecting to hear the “Steve Dangle” podcast. And I understand easing into it but I’m waiting for ten minutes thinking “when are they going to mention hockey?”. There was one guy in particular who just would not stop talking, and trying to be witty and it was tough to listen to.

        That being said, I will give it another shot on a different episode