Can you afford Leafs tickets?


  • went as a young adult with my lil brother, asked the ticket seller if they had “nosebleeds” like at the Skydome. the teller was like oh sorry hon but no. When we left all the people buying tickets were in suits. SAD. but next best is watching it at home with snacks! And once at Dundas Square with CArlton the bear.

  • DiscipleOfThePhil

    As a member of the Leafs Nation Last Minute mailing list, I’ve never really had a problem getting nosebleed seats. Sure, they’re still like $80, but it’s not prohibitively expensive. Getting 2 tickets side-by-side in the greens or the lower bowl on the other hand…. that’s all but impossible 🙁

    • BayStParade

      Kijiji and Stubhub are your friend. Purples for $80, greens for 100$ and standing room from 60$ some nights. These are all the lowest prices you’d find (weekday game against a non-division rival) and honestly standing room isn’t that bad at all.

  • SouthernOntario2NorthernAlberta

    Yes, took my Dad and brother last season, lost to the Aves 2-1. Going to buy some tickets when they visit Edmonton this upcoming season. I’ve never understood the argument against the suits. Last time the Leafs won the Cup every man in Gardens that was not on the ice was wearing a suit.

  • BayStParade

    As an Australian, attending a Leafs game (something I’ve never done in 12 years of fandom) would cost upwards of $1600, if you factor in airfares and enough nights in a hotel to ditch the jetlag. So fork out your cash and go enjoy it for me, would you?