Maibag: Still On The Road


Oh my god is it ever a far distance between Toronto and Winnipeg. It took us almost three days. Anyway, thank you to everyone who came to the Five Hole For Food event in Toronto, and all of the other readers I’ve met in other awesome cities. Today not much has tangibly happened in Leafs land (there’s a theoretical, but we’ll talk about this more tomorrow), so it’s time for a mailbag.

Do you think the Leafs should change their goal horn?

The horn is just a horn. It doesn’t really make a major difference to me. Unless they went to a Washington, Ottawa, Edmonton level of obnoxious, which I’d encourage, I don’t see a need for it.

The song? Please. Turbulence sucks. Harlem Shake sucked too. The Whip was probably their best in a long time. I don’t know what I’d use now, maybe something local? The Marlies use Kardinall Offishall’s “The Anthem” as their intro music, but it could make a good goal song. Maybe an instrumental of Drake’s trophies?

Or maybe just score more goals at home? Or period.

Which jersey/logo in the NHL, in your opinion, needs a re-design or re-colouring?

The Senators need an overhaul. Their current primary logo is awful. Bump the third to the home, the heritage classic to the road, and bring back their 1995 black jerseys as a third. There’s so much potential to be one of the nicest looking teams in the league, but it’s being thrown down the drain.

What are Matt Finns chances of seeing a game with the big club next year?

The first mailbag after Matt Finn follows me on Twitter and I get this question. I SEE YOU, FINNER. But seriously, I wouldn’t hold my breath. There are far too many defencemen in the organization for him to get a serious look next year. Maybe the year after if he blossoms.

Are you really as big of a jerk as you come off as or is it just an internet persona?

I’m literally the biggest jerk to ever live. Serial killers go into parole hearings and use “well if he can roam the streets…” as their main argument. The biggest villains in human history have never mentioned me, presumably because they don’t want to associate themselves with such a bad person like myself.

Any other good leaf podcasts besides Steve’s?

James Mirtle and Jonas Siegel do Leaf Report for TSN, which I hear is quite good. I don’t listen to many podcasts, though. I basically listen to Steve’s just to correct him on stuff and see if I get mentioned.

Do you think the Leafs will make the playoffs this upcoming season? If so, how far do you think they’ll go?

It’s still July 12th. Lots of free agents still available. No training camp. Many players just straight up not training yet. No team has a set in stone roster, and the Leafs are pretty radically different this year in terms of bottom six and coaching staff. I’m not prepared to predict anything yet.