Leafs Re-Sign Troy Bodie

It looks like today was the day of the bottom six. After signing Petri Kontiola and Mike Santorelli in the afternoon, the Toronto Maple Leafs have brought back fourth line winger Troy Bodie, agreeing on a one-year contract with the Portage La Prairie native.

How Should I Feel About This?

Pretty good. If the Leafs want to be successful this year, they’re going to have to find a way to leave the fisticuffs to guys who can play hockey. One of their biggest faults last year was the fact that they occasionally decided that Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren had to take up two winger spots at the same time, which lead to teams eating apart a fourth line that was barely usable.

Troy Bodie, on the other hand, can play serviceable hockey. His possession game, while bad, was bad because of the team he played for; he was slightly above the team average (+0.5). He produced a decent amount when he was on the ice; his 1.49 points per 60 minutes (5 on 5) was higher than both of Team Mimico (Bolland 1.33, Clarkson 0.66), Peter Holland, and Nikolai Kulemin, just to name a few. He stood up for his teammates, dropping the gloves four times. He’s imposing at 6’5. How do you say no to that if you’re hell bent on having a puncher?

The cap hit isn’t out there yet, but I have to imagine it’s at no more than $925,000 (the most you can remove by sending a player down). One thing’s for sure though; the Leafs added three solid bottom six forwards today, possibly an entire line, and likely did so for less than $4 million. Considering they almost paid $5 million for a third line centre a few days ago, this is a pretty good scenario.

  • STAN

    Totally agree on Bodie. He’s bigger, faster, smarter and much more effective than a half dozen forwards from last season’s squad.

    Let’s just hope Carlyle actually plays his fourth line more than 3 minutes a game.

    Santorelli was a bright light in Vancouver.

    • STAN

      Grabbo was not mediocre talent he was just used incorrectly. If you look at his points relative to his defensive zone starts and compare them to other players with similar percentages of defensive zone starts you see that he did very very well in terms of productivity in the 12-13 shortened season considering his use.

  • STAN

    You know what. I’m sorry to see Bolland gone, but like P-neuf, he is now overpaid. Good for Nonnis on saving some money for when it really counts. Clarkson was a hick-up, albeit an expensive one. But I am prepared to give him one more season to redeem himself. So all this saving and the possibility of trading P-neuf…..PLEASE!…means there is money set aside for something back on a trade. And it is going to happen….right Dave. Oh ya, and Brendan too. I was kind of hoping for Stastny but he’s gone. Anyhow, even if we don’t win anything this year, (who are we kidding, we we not winning anything), maybe we will have a chance at Conner McDavid. That is what we have been needing. Another Wendle or Dougie. I’d even take another Mats at this point. Always beleafing.

    • TGT23

      I think it is time people get over this crazy notion that the Leafs will trade Dion Phaneuf. It isn’t happening and it is silly to want it to.

      Have you seen how much money D-men are getting in FA? The Leafs trade Phaneuf they’ll just have to dramatically overpay for someone else.

      I think Dion may be the least respected Captain in Leafs history and he’s done nothing wrong. People hate on him for accepting a contract offered to him… Why?

      Getting rid of him doesn’t make the team better! It just gives Nonis more money to waste on FA’s.

    • Scary Gary

      I’d say Clarkson was more than a “hiccup”; he’s 30 can you imagine how bad this is going to be when he’s 34 or 35?

      Maybe Dion will have a better year with a partner that doesn’t drag him down.

    • Lupul4Captain

      For most of the year last year the Leafs were higher in the standings than the Rangers, and the best team in the Eastern conference -The Bruins -they lost a significant player -“Iggy” and probably will be not as good and some of their best players like Chara will be older.

      My point is winning the eastern conference I think is not out of the question.

      The Leafs have a legitimate 1st line, a very promising goalie, the defense couldn’t be worse than last year as Gardiner, & Rielly will be better and have expanded roles and the new pickups are veteran Dmen that will add some bite we never had last year.

      Clarkson cant possibly have as bad a season as last year. Kadri is still developing as has a good chance of being more effective. The fourth line has to be more effective than last year and the Leafs realize that not using their 4th line over taxed the Leafs other lines so that will be more effective with better personnel

      -and say what you will about their new 3-4 line pickups – players on a one year deal and Marlies trying to make the team will be a “hungry group” and their compete for the puck will definitely be better than last year.

      As well most people don’t have great expectations of this group -so the pressure from the Media wont be as great as last year.

      These reasons to me allow me to be optimistic about their chances to return to the playoffs and once there the Eastern conference championship is not out of the question if the group forms together well. Perhaps I’m being over optimistic but that’s what being a Leaf fan during pre season is all about -I drank the kool aid a long time ago lol.

      “Collapse Schmaft”

      PS Bodie is a good signing.

  • STAN

    I guess the big question now is who they bring in as assistant coaches. Even the dreadful Clarkson could have a turn-around season if the team comes up with an actual system that relies more on possession.

    There is a lot of talent in the mix. It’s just a matter of far better coaching.

    • STAN

      “I guess the big question now is who they bring in as assistant coaches”

      As the Leafs seem to be having a problem deciding on assistant coaches we should have a contest -to see who has the best idea for assistant coaches for the leafs .

      1. Gilmore
      2. Wendel Clark
      3. Gary Roberts
      4. Joe Nieuwendyk

      and my fav for whipping the media into a frenzy
      5. Ron Wilson

  • Lupul4Captain

    How the f is phaneuf over paid? U realize the cap is going up and he logs 25 min a game. If he went to the open market this year probably would’ve made more money. He doesn’t play with a true number one or two so he has to do double the work, which is why he makes more errors. I think having a robidas there as a veteran will help him be more steady, and take a bit of the leadership role off his shoulders.