Leafs sign Mike Santorelli


Continuing with the theme of depth signings, the Leafs added center Mike Santorelli today with a 1-year contract worth $1.5 million. 

Santorelli most recently played for the Canucks this past season, racking up 28 points in 49 games. Before that, he was a member of the Jets, Panthers, and Preds. He actually put up 20 goals and 21 assists in a full season with Florida in 2011, which I was totally unaware of until about 45 seconds ago.

Santorelli slots in to the Leafs’ bottom six and will battle with Holland and newly-signed Kontiola for minutes in the middle. Likely one of these three guys will move to the wing, barring another move by Nonis this summer.

This move also puts an end to the pursuit of David Legwand, and at probably less than half the price and term, leaving the Leafs with more space as they try to figure things out with Reimer, Franson, and Gardiner. 

Obviously I like the move. It’s cheap, doesn’t present any risk, and after the disaster that was last summer, any signing that doesn’t crush the team’s future for half a decade down the road is welcomed. 

Morgan Rielly seems alright with it.

  • Another good low risk, medium reward signing. Solid 3rd line player who could potentially move up to the second line if needed. Hopefully the Leafs focus in on their RFA’s now and retain some cap space. With several teams either close to, or over the cap, some good pieces might become available via trade as the summer rolls on.

  • We don’t trade away our prospects for some aging veteran on a bloated contract.

    We draft an ultra-skilled Euro with our first pick.

    We pick up some value-oriented veterans on short contracts for our bottom six, so we dont’t rush our young guys and give them time to develop on the farm.

    We have a full roster with four real lines that doesn’t appear to leave a spot for talentless face punchers. ( I mean Orr, not Broll or Devane who can actually play.)

    But we give the ready farm hands a chance(Holland, Ashton & perhaps others)

    Randy no longer calls the shots on signing players.

    This is starting to feel like a bit like Detroit

    Perhaps Shanahan will exert a positive influence?

  • CashGameND

    I LOVE THIS SIGNING! Dude can score, actually has good point production. Hes not a slouch at all as a third line center. I cant believe we got him for 1 year for so cheap. What a steal. And ten times better move then legwand for 3 or more years

    • With Matthias from the Luongo trade and Bonino and Linden Vey from draft day moves in addition to Hansen and Higgins, the importance of re-signing Santo became negligible.

      I think Benning was asked about it recently and mentioned that they’d look at him again once everything else was done (I think he was referring to signing Vrbata and re-signing the RFAs).

      The funny thing is that Santorelli’s hangup with the Canucks offer was term, but it looks like his agent wasn’t able to get that second year for him in the end.

  • Another terrible depth signing by Nonis. The leafs have good bottom 6 options already signed that are cheaper like Orr and Mclaren. But here goes Nonis again using precious cap space on soft injury prone players. This guy doesn’t understand asset and cap management.

    Whose on board with me.