Leafs linked to David Legwand


It feels like David Legwand’s name hasn’t exactly been at the front of free agency rumors, but I guess it was only a matter of time before the former Wings and Preds’ center was linked to the Leafs. According to Dreger the Leafs have put forth an offer to Legwand and are one of a few teams waiting on him to make a decision.

This Dreger segment apparently aired before the Leafs signed Finnish centre Kontiola this morning, so I’m not sure how that affects their interest in Legwand. If they do go ahead and manage to land Legwand, it could signal a bigger shake-up down the middle, as the Leafs already carry four centers including Holland.

Legwand turns 34 this summer, and with that price tag around 4 million, I’m nervous about how Nonis may handle this. It’s a big hit but I could live with it on a one or two year contract. If, as Dreger points out, the Leafs are trying to get that cap hit down, they could be paying him until he’s 38 and that’s obviously no good.

Legwand put up 51 points this past season, with a Corsi-for percentage of 49.3%. Usage chart for his 62 games with the Preds, via Extra Skater, below.


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  • I’d rather give Legwand 4mil for one year than 3.5 for 2-3 or something like that. I also can’t imagine them signing Legwand for too long, since they view Gauthier as that future 3c and seem to think he can step in soon.

    I also don’t think Legwand would mean moving out a C. I think it would mean they are finally addressing the lack of depth at C they had last year. Would rather carry 5 Cs and use one on the wing.

  • Yeah I’m with ya there. Getting into the 3-year territory is not something I’d want.

    I’d rather carry 5 C and use one on the wing as well. In general I’d like them to carry as many useful players as possible, but asking Carlyle to be that smart is a major stretch.

  • CashGameND

    he makes allot of sense for 1-2 years at 4m or less. 3 years you have to wonder, with gauthier holland, and the 2 finish players all bidding for that 3rd center role, sounds like a log jam & you don’t want to be forced to play a guy there because your paying him 4m. I’d take 3 years at 10m or less though & have no problem moving him to that 4th center role

  • That’s all well and good 5 centers and switch one over to the wing, but not one of Kadri, Holland, Kontiola or Legwand can be considered checking centers.

    In fact of all Leafs centers I would say Bozak could
    be considered the most suitable for checking center duties.

    Does anyone know if Kontiola is a one way or two way

    Maybe Leafs plan not to spend time in their defensive
    zone this year….LOL

  • Well that makes the lines
    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Lupul Kadri Clarkson
    Komarov Kontiola ???
    Leivo Santorelli Frattin

    Broll Holland Ashton

    But with Kadri switching to the wing it would be

    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Lupul Kontiola Kadri
    Komarov Santorelli Clarkson
    Leivo Holland Frattin

    well besides the fact the Komarov / Kontiola makes more sense the line up is now starting to look
    more promising.