Leafs trade Jerry D’Amigo for Matt Frattin

After repeatedly striking out on free agents, the Toronto Maple Leafs have traded Jerry D’Amigo to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Matt Frattin.

Wait, What?

This is a bit of an out of nowhere move from the blue and white. D’Amigo has been groomed by the Leafs for several years now, paying his dues on the Toronto Marlies before getting his break with a couple of short stints.

D’Amigo put up 20 goals and 33 points in 51 games with the Marlies in 2013/14, along with 14 points in as many playoff games (his third straight AHL postseason above a point per game). In 22 games with the Leafs, D’Amigo had a goal and two assists, while playing in a 4th line role, something many expected him to repeat this upcoming season.

Frattin, on the other hand, was shipped out by the Leafs just a year ago in the trade that brought Jonathan Bernier to the organization. In 40 games with the Kings, Frattin put up 6 points, before being traded to the Blue Jackets in the Marian Gaborik deal.

The Leafs also give up a 7th round pick in the move.

Who Wins?

I lean this in favour of the Blue Jackets, in that while neither of these two are very productive, D’Amigo brings more of a bottom six game to the table. He’s very capable of killing penalties, draws many of them himself, and plays with an infectious urgency. When on the Marlies, he also doubled as one of the team’s leaders. 

Frattin has had moments where he shows offensive potential (particularly his booming wrist shot) and doesn’t hesitate to throw around the body, but I don’t think he’s as much as a net positive. Even the fancy stats lean things slightly in D’Amigo’s favour from a possession perspective, though it’s not by much.

In any event, this is a relatively minor trade. Even if I don’t see the Leafs coming out ahead on this, we’re ultimately talking about potential fourth line players and a 7th round draft pick. 

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  • FlareKnight

    I’d say Jackets win pretty handily. Get more picks (which Nonis throws into every deal like sprinkles) and a guy who can be effective in the lower lines.

    We’re left hoping Frattin isn’t nearly as bad as he looked once he left. Kind of hoping that Kadri can drag him back to being effective if he’s on his line. If on the third….well he’s not expensive I guess.

  • FlareKnight

    I don’t understand this move one bit. I thought D’amigo was set to make the jump this year.

    There must be something behind the scenes that we don’t know about