Leafs sign Stephane Robidas

The Toronto Maple Leafs, looking for some experience, just signed 37-year-old defenceman Stephane Robidas for three years at $3 million per year.


The Leafs get a few things they want in Robidas. The get a defenceman. They get an older guy with experience (885 career NHL games). They get a right-handed shot on the back-end. Toronto went through the vast majority of last season with Cody Franson as the team’s only right-handed shot on defence. Now they have Franson, Roman Polak, and Stephane Robidas.

At $3 million per season, Robidas would have to be some kind of awful to be considered a boat anchor on the Leafs’ cap. Despite his age, Robidas’ possession stats have actually pretty decent. He’s not an offensive juggernaut but he can certainly put up some points (251 career).


He’s a 37-year-old who suffered two broken legs last season. Now, I’m not ready to give him the dreaded “injury prone” tag. I don’t think that’s fair. A guy with a bad back, wonky groin, or busted knees is injury prone. This poor guy broke bones which, as you can see from this video, takes quite a bit of torque.

Let’s assume Robidas comes back fully healthy, happy, and ready to play. He’s still signed to a 35+ contract. This means…


The Leafs got a lot of things that they got in one player, for fairly cheap, but with some risk. What do you think?

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  • FlareKnight

    I turned 34 this year. I worry anytime anyone older than me is given a multiyear contract. Decent pick-up, but really makes me wonder about how this team values assets in ways. Upgrade to Gleason this year, just wonder how we will feel in 2016 about this signing.

  • FlareKnight

    The risk is iffy. I can’t imagine he plays all 3 years. So at best you suffer a 3 million cap penalty in the third year which on top of all the other cap penalties Nonis is picking up will hurt.

    Just have to hope the positive is worth it. Has some good qualities so let’s cross some fingers. Healthy he can bring good experience and help the good future of this defence out.

  • Vancityleaffan

    I think having a vet right handed D-man is a good thing on this team. He said on his TSN interview that the idea was to pair him with either Jake or Morgan.

    The people worried about his injuries are just being crazy. Yeah, he got super unlucky last year, but in the 8 years since he played in like 95% of the possible games. That’s not injury prone in my eyes.

    This is a stop gap until the young guys are ready to really take over defence. At least we have a shakeup back there as we all know that was really needed after such a poor defensive year last year.

    Granberg/Ranger? as 7th D-man

  • CMG30

    This was a bad signing by Nonis. I much prefer’s Burke’s signing of Engelland for lower cap. Not only is that player young but he has more character and grit then ancient Robidas. Heck Nonis could have gotten the same type of defender by signing Murray or even bring back Kostka.

    Burke’s a genius #firenonis

    • CMG30

      I am glad you prefer Burke’s signing but us Leafs fan prefer adding him like Robidas to help Garinder or Reilly.
      Engelland Physical depth defenseman with pugilistic skills.
      Robidas Veteran big-minute defenseman.

      Not is the same league.

  • CMG30

    I’ve alway liked Robidas, 3 years ago he would have been a steal at this price but I’m not sure if his age has slowed him down.

    Let’s hope not, if he can still play this is a great signing