The Leafs will do what they do every year. And that’s over-hyping everything before the draft, and draft a decent player who they will put in trade rumors the very next day. We will also see rumors of every big ticket player mentioned going to the Leafs, just to see people like Clarkson signed to a ridiculous contract.

    I have to rant a bit and this and it may sound like I am just trolling Leafs fans, but what is with all the BS trade rumors that come out of Toronto every year? It seems every time I talk to a Leafs fan they have the idea that Malkin, Thorton, Weber, etc will come to play in Toronto, for literally a bag of pucks. If your friend says; Hey, I heard that Malkin will be playing for the Leafs. And you ask from where he heard the source, and that person says, well I thought of it. THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT A TRADE RUMOR!!!

    Now that I am done my rant. I think the Leafs should try and retain the young talent they already have in Kadri, Gardner and the rest of the young core. That is the future of your team. You build on those piece and once they are ready, you bring in the veterans and super stars to push for a Cup. Building a team isn’t done over night, and trading those assets that you have will only worsen the situation. Keep at it and surely enough you will have a Cup contender. You just have to be patient.

  • STAN

    What are the Leafs going to do at the draft?


    Pick Ritchie, Fleury or Nylander at 8th and move on.

    They don’t have time for anything else and Shanahan is in charge, so expect some Detroit-style solutions.

    Imagine a Shanahan voice:

    Nonis,you want to trade players and move up in the draft?

    No, we didn’t do that much in Detroit. Focus on getting the best pick, (those Detroit-stylte gems) at the spots we have. Scouts do scouting and coaches coach. Make it work.

    Nonis, you don’t even know your assistant coaches. You and Randy need to sort out your assistant coaches in the next two weeks. Get them preparing for the coming season. We can’t wait much longer.

    Nonis, start getting all the guys we are keeping…signed to reasonable contracts. You have lots of work, so quit wasting time with these pie in the sky “trade for a better pick” plans. I don’t want any holdout distractions in September.

  • STAN

    Heres something crazy to think about.

    The Leafs trade Phaneuf and Kadri and possibly a mid level prospect to move up to let’s say the 4th or 5th pick, while keeping our own. The Leafs then offer up our pick at #8 and the #4 pick or #5 pick to Florida for their 1st overall and their second round pick.

    We draft Ekblad, we have a second round pick, and we shed the Phaneuf Contract and make room to sign a free agent who can help.

    This might be completely crazy and I may have to stop playing NHL 14 Be a GM mode.

  • STAN

    Okay, put your Leafs’ GM hat on, and suppose you’d be interested in trading up to get the #1 pick from Florida. What would you be willing to give up in a trade that could get a deal done with Florida? I’ll assume if your think the price is too high, that you’d stick with the 8th pick overall.

  • STAN

    Western DP.

    I imagine Shanahan saying none of that stuff. He’s already concurred with Nonis that Carlyle is a great coach who just had lousy assistants. Which is a load of manure because assistants take direction from the head coach, but I don’t think Carlyle has a clue. Forget the 2009 Stanley Cup win. It was largely a case of luck. He’s proved that ever since that stroke of fortune.

    That said, Shanahan should have sacked both Nonis and Carlyle on DAY ONE. Carlyle for not knowing how to coach and Nonis for being among the worst cap managers in the NHL. It is simple math.

    The coming season has disaster written all over it.

    There’s no cap space to sign some of the pieces that helped this group achieve 23rd place in a 30 team league. So you might as well let the Bollands and Raymonds and Kulemins go and try your luck with some fresh young (CHEAP) faces. They really have little choice. Thanks to Nonis’s mismanagement.

    Also, The Captain clearly ran out of gas after 60 games; he’s also a year older and I don’t think he’ll miraculously add speed and smarts.

    Kessel will have huge pressure on him, hauling down $10M (that’s just $122K PER GAME) and will likely shoot far more blanks than usual.

    Gardiner and Rielly should be better, but let’s recall that they haven’t learned much from the Norris Trophy winner Carlyle.

    The only way Nonis gets back in my satisfactory books is by unloading the Phaneuf albatross. NHL GMs are mostly just barely competent, but they aren’t insane.

    • Stan,

      What executives say in in public and what they really think and can be very different things.

      Better to trust more what they do, than what they say. We will understand more once we see who the assistant coaches are and what players are retained.

      For all we know, Carlyle is just a place holder for Babcock or Shanahan’s plan B if they can’t get Babcock next year.

  • TGT23

    I’d like to take a run at Nylander or Ho-Sang. I think they have the biggest upside of the players we’ll get at #8, though I am not a paid professional.

    I hope we don’t sign Bolland. 4.2 is too much for this guy. He doesn’t offer you the things needed from a 2nd Line C. And that is exactly what he’d have to be because to afford 4.2 we’ll have traded Kadri.

    You just made a huge mistake with Clarkson and in the very next off-season you want to do it again? Have you learned nothing?

    I feel sorry for the GM that replaces Nonis to fix this mess.