Leafs Announce Various Schedules, Dates


Hockey season is over, and that’s a real shame. But it seems like the Leafs and the National Hockey League know one thing, and its that the best way to keep you wanting more in times of drought is to give you something to look forward to. As such, we’ve had a bunch of scheduling info come out in the past couple of days. Here’s what you need to know:

Rookie Tournament

First and foremost, some of the younger Leafs will be taking part in their usual pre-season rookie tournament, featuring prospects from the Senators, Penguins, and Blackhawks. Hosted at Budweiser Gardens in London, Toronto will play each team once; Chicago at 7PM on September 13th, Ottawa at 7PM on the 4th, and Pittsburgh at 2PM on the 16th. 

Admission is a relatively solid $85.50 for all six games, or $50.25 for just the three Leafs matchups.


After that, the regular players will find their way into the mix as management decides who they want on the roster in 2014/15. The older bunch will actually come to to the kids to start, playing against the Philadelphia Flyers on the 22nd (7PM), before heading back to the ACC for a rematch the following day at 7:30 PM.

The set up for the 24th is pretty interesting. The Leafs and Senators will actually play two games at once (7:30 PM); one in Toronto, and one in Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre. The team will get two days off before starting a home and home against the Sabres, heading to Buffalo on the 26th and back home on the 28th (both games 7PM).

Last, but not least, a more spread out pair of games against the Detroit Red Wings. The teams start off at Joe Louis Arena on the 29th, but get a few days off before concluding their preseasons at the Air Canada Centre on October 3rd. Both of these games are at 7:30.

Personally, I’m most curious to see who the second head coach is for the split-squad against the Senators.

Home Opener

Just hitting the wires now, the Leafs will open up their season at the Air Canada Centre, taking on the Montreal Canadiens. This, of course, is of no surprise – that’s usually the opening home matchup. It’ll be interesting to see how many players amongst the two teams are back from last year’s opener. This game takes place on Wednesday, October 8th, the first day of the season. No time has been announced, but odds are it’ll be a 7:30 start, as most Leafs games with fancy ceremonies are.

As well, the Leafs will be taking part in the Home Opener for the New York Rangers, which happens on October 12th.