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  • Nate

    No NHL in Seattle. We have two WHL teams out yonder and barely draw 7,000 combined between the two. There’s not much of a hockey mad market up here coupled with the fact that Seattle is a poor sports town. Check attendance on teams that aren’t winning (Mariners pre-1995/post-2004, Sonics leaving, Seahawks had Blackouts for a period in the 90’s/2000’s) and ask if a Columbus length growing period would work out here. It wouldn’t and it won’t. Please stop the Seattle NHL talk. Portland, Oregon might be a more viable market if the Pacific Northwest must be cracked, hell, Abbotsford even.

    Quebec City is where it should be.

  • SneakyPenguins

    What is happening to those poor children in the background!?!

    Also please bring back the dog at the 25 min mark as a guest in a future episode. (maybe to replace the Reimer hater)

  • TGT23

    HOLD THE PHONE, im hearing that Ottawa is willing to trade us a WHOLE BAG OF PUCKS for Riemer. Thats
    right 25 never been used pucks! Lets cancel that deal with Montreal as this deal is obviously better.