Playoff LFR: Tha Carter III

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Just when the Blackhawks looked like they were running away with it, here come the LA Kings!

  • Bertly83

    In your last video you mentioned the completely disregarded ed factor in that the habs have home ice advantage.
    What exactly is the advantages of having “home ice advantage”?

    Montreal’s regular season stats home 23-13-5 and away 23-15-3 are nearly identical as well as their playoffs stats home 4-3 away 4-2

    Can you explain stats-wise how home ice benefits the habs?

    • You get last change so you get the match-ups you want, which is nice. You also get to stay in more familiar surroundings. I don’t think there’s a number for “feeding off the crowd’s energy” but I doubt it hurts.

      While the Hab’s home vs road record was identical during the regular season, teams generally do better at home. This season there were 20 teams with 20 or more wins at home. On the road there were 13. Nine with 25 or more compared to three. Even in these playoffs teams have done well at home. The Habs were 4-1 (small sample obviously) before this series/Price went down.