Mailbag: Yay Fireworks


Today is a big day for a lot of people. You eat a bunch of food, see a bunch of friends, blow up some colourful gunpowder in the sky, and then rush back across the highway to get home, preparing for work the next day. Well, for most people. I actually did my fireworks on Sunday. I also wrote this mailbag on Sunday and put it to delayed publish. Time to clean my room, or something.

Also, this mailbag completes a milestone. I’ve now posted an article or more on The Leafs Nation every day for the past 100 days. Hooray for pointless accomplishments! Now, here are some responses.

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Could the leafs realistically trade up in the draft this year to one of the top 3 spots or would it be smarter to wait until next year where there is supposed to be “more talent”?

I don’t know much about the draft, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask about this. But with that said, I don’t see the real benefit in trading up to get a different forward, with the amount of skill available in the top 10. However, if they’re confident that they could get into a position to pick Aaron Ekblad, and that he’s capable of playing with Dion Phaneuf right now, I wouldn’t be entirely against that. 

Whether it’s realistic or not? I don’t know. The Panthers say they’re open to offers on the top pick, but who knows what his actual cost is (everyone is available for the right price theory at play).

Is there something wrong with liking another team? I like the Leafs but also enjoy watching the Hans (weird to some). I don’t get why some fans have the mentality that they’re restricted to cheer for solely their favourite team.

Hey now, Hans Moleman is one of the most underrated characters on The Simpsons. There’s no shame of in being a fan of h-OH, you mean the Habs? Well, screw you, you suck.

Actually, I don’t like that answer either. At the end of the day, your root interest is the sport of hockey. If the Toronto Maple Leafs suddenly decided they wanted to play professional hopscotch, you wouldn’t say “well, I’m a Leafs fan first, time to switch sports”. If you just want to watch more hockey and enjoy it, that’s cool. Besides, at this level, it’s not just a sport but an entertainment product. You shouldn’t put restrictions on what you like consuming as entertainment because of a narrative someone else tells you. While I don’t find myself cheering for them, the Habs have played entertaining hockey for most of the cap era.

Unless you start trying to convince me that Douglas Murray is great. In that case, we’ll be back to screw you, you suck.

What if the leafs don’t resign bolland and put komarov at 3rd line centre

You should probably stop playing so much Hockey Ultimate Team on NHL 14. Komarov is a winger, despite what EA Sports and a couple of stats sites say. I like the ideas of letting Bolland go and signing Leo once again, but they’re independent. Bolland’s replacement is likely Peter Holland, like he was at mid-year.

What do you think of the fact that Randy is going to have to change his system next season? Do you think the Leafs will be more or less successful with a new and hopefully improved system.

Saying “new system!!!” doesn’t mean anything until the we see it. At this moment, the only thing I’m definitely expecting to be different is that the Leafs will more regularly dress a “hockey” fourth line. Beyond that, I’m reserving judgement until training camp.

Who knows? Maybe Carlyle comes back with a whole new approach that fits this team perfectly. But until we know what it is, I’m not going to declare a strong opinion.

have you seen any of Connor Brown, if so how do you think he’ll do on the Marlies next year?

I watched him play one game for Erie this year, and half paid attention to a couple of practices. It’s not enough to build an opinion. He’ll be an interesting case though, as we get to see if he has legitimate offensive talent, or was just a big fish excelling in a small pond.

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