The Steve Dangle Podcast – May 9, 2014 – Blue Crush

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On this episode of the podcast, the guys put off the inevitable by making fun of Adam before eventually talking about the train wreck that is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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  • TGT23

    If Kadri and Gardiner get traded and they bring in “leaders” and “grit” and players with “good sticks” or whatever, if they get faster by trading their young fast guys while keeping Carlyle, Orr, McLaren, Gleason, and Bolland I’m going to lose my mind. I may have to trade my Leafs Fan Card if Nonis/Carlyle have a dumb off season.

  • TGT23

    Adam said exactly what I was thinking. It wasn’t just Randy’s gang of merry men that had to go, Nonis’ team that surrounds him has to be removed as well.

    Cliff Fletcher (78) is almost as old as Don Cherry. This generation of hockey has passed him and really how much can he be offering? Claude Loiselle is suppose to be the cap manager and we couldn’t even make call-ups, or trades, without Bolland getting hurt.

    Poulin is the only one worth keeping as he serves as VP of Hockey Operations and Marlies GM. He is the reason for the Marlies success the past 2 years and the reason behind the youth movement on that team this year.

    I look to Shanny to clean out the executive office and Carlyle, save Poulin maybe, next summer after a year on the job. He has connections to people who know the analytics of the game.

  • TGT23

    Honestly, I think that kadri should be traded, there is no doubt he will* be an excellent centreman in the future, but i feel like if he ismoved now we can generate enough return for him, i would look at a guy like mike richards who underperformed for the kings this season but a change of scenery (moving him closer to home and back to Ontario) could really allow him to increase his game, he also hasties to lupul, JVR, and bernier who we can all agree wont be moved anytime soon. It would allow for a very strong physical and devnsive mided player which can allow lupul to do what he does best, play offensively. I think we need to keep jake gardener. While clearly morgan rielly plays a similar game and based on this past season will grow into a franchise player gardnier provides offense now and has really taken his game to the next level. as far as nikolai kulemin goes, he is most certainly not a second line forward. and an okay third, but if we can push kulimen to the fourth line to play with bodie and mcclement the least will easily have one of the best 4th lines in the nhl. It allows room for a young guy like josh leivo or peter holland (if you move him to the wing) to crack the lineup. Unfortunatly we will most likely lose mason raymond who is easliy worth more than what we are currently giving him. this is where nonis should look to free agency for a “quick fix” to allow time for our younger players to develop further with the marlies. I think Phaneuf either needs to go, or lose the C. Trade wise, i cant see any team willing to move away a stud defensman for princess phanuef so the only option is a salary cap compliant team can lift 7.7 million dollars a year off the back of the leafs (if you think about it thats like 7 mason Raymonds!) . So how do you get stud players? you draft them. The leafs have the 8th pick in the draft. and if im nonis, i have the florida panthers on speed dial, clearly they are not afraid of taking on stupid contracts (roberto luongo) My first propsal would be swapping their 1st overall pick for our 8th, and I would throw phaneuf in on the side. That deal has promise, and from floridas perspective, an immediate impact on their team, but thats unrealistic, and when florida shoots me down, im throwing in a prospect, or even another later draft pick. the end result, happy leaf fans… and Aaron Exblad. A guy I personally would compare to Alex Pietrangelo of the st. Louis blues. He wouldmost likely step right into the NHL and make a difference, or TJ Brennan is finally given his shot. Nowif we kept phaneuf… While undoubtly he is a good player who makes his fare share of awful, game changing turnovers, i think with the pressure of being the leader of this team lifted off his back he can quietly excel, similar to what kessel is doing, their is a reason kessel isnt even an assistant captain, because he is not a leader, but he has skill, and less pressure than what is being put on phagoof. On todays team, My captain is Joffrey Lupul. Simply put, he’s a rockstar, and thrives under pressure. The higher the stakes, the more people watching, the better he is. Making him captain would in turn make both of them perform at a much higher level than they have been. Finally, james 3 … while i wanted the 1-1A tandem to work so well It pains me to see riemer this way, he clearly wants to be a starting goalie, and whether he wants it to or not, being the backup has shot his confidence, and goalies would know, confidence is everything. I would put his situation similar to bernier’s the last couple years. The first team that comes to mind is the canucks, I think their need to bring in a number 1 guy is at an all time high as goaltending has never really been their issue. but it certainly is now. Eddie lack is an excelent goalie, and comfortable in the backup position. for some reason my gut tells me his sense of humor and personality would work well in this locker room, and hes probably used to being the topic of conersation by now. On a side note, as much as i am a fan of cody franson, the leafs have a plethora of offensive D and if you half to cut one, its gonna be him, I would look to a guy like Andrew MacDonald, a two way defencman who was traded from the NYI to philly at the deadline, and if their is one thing i can count on, its the flyers trading away good players for garbage (Enjoy luke schenn!). I have given up on carlyle at this point, but if they make the right decision, we should hear a farmiliar name behind the bench as an assistant coach, a guy like kevin dinnen, gary roberts, or even doug gilmour if he can persuaded away from his role as gm of the OHL kinston frontenacts. I know it is long, but that team is a significant step up, and if randy can get it together and realize the issue with this team, they will be in the playoffs. thats my novel. go leafs go

    • TGT23

      I nearly made it through your wall of text. I got to the “let’s trade our #8 and Dion to Florida” part and realized you were insane.

      Ekblad might be amazing but we won’t know and it is a lot to give up for an unknown commodity. You want to give up a 20+ minute d-man who had one bad month for a could-be-great?

      As if Kadri for Richards wasn’t bad enough.

      I mean, seriously? You’d like to see the Leafs take on a 29y/o center who was meh on a good team, making 5.75 in cap hit over the next 6 seasons?

  • TGT23

    First time listening, and I was really enjoying it till at about the 53 minute mark one of you quoted that made up definition of insanity “doing the same thing and expecting different results”. That’s *not* the definition of insanity. That’s the definition of PERSISTENCE. Sorry, but as a psychology expert that quote is my biggest pet peeve and I lose respect for anyone who uses it.

    Anyway, loved the rest of the podcast. LOVE Steve’s YouTube channel. Sorry bout the mini rant.

    • Can’t speak to the psycology aspect, and as an English major who has realized just how many books get misinterpreted by the general public, I *get* pet peeves.

      That said, you understand what he’s saying by that. The league is constantly shifting, changing, fine-tuning, what have you; if somebody *coughcarlylecough* expects a set system to suddenly produce new results without any alteration, that’s crazy.

      The only thing that will change is that the team using that system will become obvious and predictable, which will make them easier to beat.