The case for #NHL15Kessel


EA SPORTS is up to their usual trickery, and letting “the fans” “decide” who “wins” “the vote” for the NHL cover. Emphasis on the quotes, because I like to drum up baseless conspiracies in an effort to believe that the average fan did really think that Martin Brodeur was the best option. Anyway, Phil Kessel is a potential nominee, and I ask but one thing of you – make sure this goes down.

  • First and foremost, nobody has never made it to the cover of an EA Sports game while wearing a Leafs jersey. Eric Lindros (99), Owen Nolan (2001), and Dion Phaneuf (09) eventually played for the Leafs, but that was after the fact. This needs to change.
  • In fact, the only Leafs jersey to make it to a video game cover? Mats Sundin’s. He was on the Canadian cover of Backyard Hockey 2005 and NHL 2K6. But those barely count; geographical cheating aside, Backyard Hockey’s fighting engine was literally “play rock/paper/scissors” and NHL 2K6 was one of the weaker 2K games. At least when a Blue Jay is on the Canadian cover of MLB The Show every year, it’s a good video game.
  • He’s up against PK Subban, who, while awesome, plays against the Montreal Canadiens, which makes him the enemy by default. Every time you don’t vote for Phil Kessel, you’re supporting the Habs. Is that a life you would like to live?
  • Look at the other candidates. The correct answer for Patrice Bergeron and Erik Karlsson is a sever error, Logan Couture won’t win because he’s a Shark, Matt Duchene should be saved for the year that you can design your own stick curves, and TJ Oshie for a year where new shootout mechanics are brought in. Drew Doughty would be decent, I guess, but we’ve seen enough reminders that the Kings are good at hockey as of late.
  • There’s a big emphasis on authentic arena atmosphere this year, and it would be hilarious to see EA release Kessel promo shots with half-empty platinum seats.
  • Tim Leiweke is big on this “super brand” idea, and if he sees the Leafs on a bunch of video game covers, he’ll get so excited that he’ll attempt to straight up buy the Stanley Cup.
  • This can be the deluxe edition box:
Most importantly, Kessel had yet another stellar season, and winning a fan-driven ballot like this would be a great way to show appreciation. Plus, you know, bragging rights.

Vote for Kessel using #NHL15Kessel or at

  • Dan

    I’m a huge lifetime Leafs fan, but Subban is having great playoff (2nd in scoring)and the Habs just went up two games to one over Boston.

    If the Habs beat Boston, then put Subban on the box.

    Plus it will make Boston fans crazy.

    Save Kessel for a career year when the Leafs win a round or two.

  • EA has probably already picked the cover athlete, and I have no faith that this cover vote is legit at all (see Belesky, Matt last year). More than likely it will be an American player/team on the cover, because why would EA need to put a Canadian player/team on the cover, they already know that Canadians will buy the game regardless of who the cover athlete is. My guess is that Oshie or Doughty have already been chosen as the cover athlete.

  • They won’t choose Oshie, because no Russians would buy it.

    They won’t choose Duchene, because if they don’t make the stick exactly right on the cover, Duchene will kill all EA employee’s

    They won’t choose Couture, because the game would be a choking hazard.

    They won’t choose Doughty, because Kings are too good and it would make things too unfair.

    They won’t choose Karlsson, because he’s a damn Swede and Don Cherry won’t like it, and would have a 5 part tweet that we need a “GOOD YOUNG CANADIAN KID” for the cover

    They won’t choose Bergeron, because he’s a damn dirty Bruins, no one likes the Bruins

    Subban plays for the Habs.

    Therefore, Kessel is the best choice, Kessel best replicates the game. Once you get the game, you’ll just shy away from the public and not talk to anyone…like kessel