Mailbag: Lazy Monday


New cool content, soon, I promise. We’ll talk about video games tomorrow, and Marlies for the next few days after that. The world championships are coming soon too! Until then, have this mailbag.

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Which Leafs’ defense prospect do you think has a higher ceiling: Stuart Percy or Matt Finn?

In total honestly, I’ve seen very little of Matt Finn on video, and I’ve only seen him play once in person. He was good from what I can remember, but didn’t jump out at me. Percy, on the other hand, I’ve seen close to fifty games in person and even more in total. He does everything at least decently, and is such is pretty trustworthy. I’d need to see more of Finn before judging his “ceiling”, but I think Percy will be in the NHL soon enough.

Since Colton Orr got zero points in 54 games, does that make him the best NHL player ever?

Until today, Sidney Crosby and Rick Nash had zero goals and about eight billion shots in the playoffs and they’re the best players on their respective teams (and in Crosby’s case, the best on the planet). I think there’s a strong correlation with Colton Orr here, and that he should replace Phil Kessel effective immediately. By effective immediately, of course, I mean the Leafs would have made the playoffs if they did it in February.

in your opinion, if Carlyle is fired where does he land? Or is he done in the NHL after his gig with the leafs?

I don’t think there’s a team specifically looking for the style he’s sold as playing. You have to take the “old boy’s club” approach. In this regard, he can take a non-head coaching job in Pittsburgh or Winnipeg (former teams), or possibly be looked at by the Capitals (former assistant, though this guarantees Grabovski walks).

I’m sure he also has a lot of connections with former teammates. But maybe he just takes time off and lets his reputation settle a bit. I don’t think this league is done with him yet; he’s still relatively fresh (8 years).

In your opinion who should the leafs take with the 8th overall pick?

People are asking me a lot of draft questions. Don’t; I’m not the person to ask. Personally, I wait until two days before the draft and type random names into Youtube until I find a cool goal and say the Leafs should draft him. It finds good players sometimes (Tomas Jurco) and doesn’t other times (Nikita Filatov).

So far, my rather stupid strategy has me suggesting the Leafs trading down and taking Josh Ho-Sang because he scored a sick goal in a AAA game I watched on Rogers TV a few years ago. I really need to get better at following younger prospects, but that’s how I am right now.

Why is Jaimie Devane not playing in the Marlies playoffs?

I don’t want to say “he’s bad” because he isn’t, but is he the toughest guy they could dress? No, they have Frazer McLaren. Is he the most talented secondary enforcer they could dress? No, that would be David Broll. Is he more gifted than any of the other wingers dressed right now? Probably not. Yes, it would be good for him to get some games in, but other than McLaren, everybody on the wing is either really young or moderately young and quite skilled.

who is Emily G on TLN and why does she never write?

you can tell them it’s because I’m massively insecure about everything including my writing