• Top 5 Reasons why I really enjoyed this podcast more than the others (you have to see what number 3 is!!!!)

    1.) You made this American want a Panago Pizza so bad. That chicken idea sounded so great.
    2.) This was the perfect length. It didn’t seem condensed or not too long.
    3.) My Slovak ancestors are cheering for your Bratislava shout-out. Awesome, Steve.
    4.) Pittsburgh thanks you for the jinxing the Rangers tonight.
    5.) so… this is a thing now?

  • Adam your completely wrong about realignment. They didn’t realign based on rivalries, they realigned based on time zones.
    Rivalries are created by repeated playoff series eg. Ottawa vs Leafs. Now with divisional play teams have to play the same teams for the first two rounds of the playoffs. You guys are too young to remember the old divisional playoffs of the 80’s. That is where the Oiler-flames rivalry was born. The Flames were a very good team but to win they had to beat the oilers and most years they just couldn’t do it. The old Norris division had some of the biggest rivalries going. As did the Adams division. When the NHL went to conference play they lost a lot of the hatred because you were never guaranteed to play the same team year after year. I guarantee that in 3 years Leaf fans will absolutely hate Boston, Montreal and Detroit and Tampa bay far more than they already do. Why, you ask? Simply put if they leafs ever want to win they are going to have to beat those teams year after year in the playoffs. If you get a chance to back and watch some of the playoffs from the old divional format. You will see what playing the same team every year in the playoffs actually means.