Blame Canada: Salary Cap To Rise, But Not As High As Expected


Sportnet’s Chris Johnston tweeted out this neat little nugget of info after NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s media availability this morning:

The Canadian dollar currently sits at US $0.91. For comparison’s sake, the Canadian Dollar sat at US $1.01 back on January 6th, 2013 – the day the new CBA was agreed upon and the 2012-2013 NHL lockout ended.

If we operate under ‘worst case scenario’ rules, we’re looking at a $4.7M rise in the cap, which is still pretty significant. That being said, the Leafs aren’t exactly in a great cap situation, and they could have used the extra allowance.

According to Capgeek, the Leafs have the 13th most cap space heading into next season with $20,280,833.00, based on a $69M salary cap. That’s not half bad, until you realize that the Leafs have a league-low 12 players signed in 2014-2015.

Capgeek recognizes rosters as having 23 players (including a spare forward, defenceman, and goaltender). That means the Leafs have $1,843,712 to spend per empty roster spot next season (again, based on a $69M cap). 

In other words, the Leafs can afford to go out and sign eleven Vernon Fiddlers. 

  • STAN

    This is what a team deserves when they sign albeit good players like Phaneuf and Kessel to near league high contracts. And then you surround those players with overpaid role players like Clarkson, Lupul, Bozak and Gleason.

    This is one limit with simple analytics like Corsi in that they don’t capture the if the player is cost effective at their salary. For example, sure Clarkson is one of the better Corsi leaf players but he is no where near worth his salary.

  • STAN

    If ya bump some lower guys (Orr McClement McClaren) and replace them with AHL guys (D’Amigo Broll Devane Carick) you can save a bit of money.
    If they let Franson go via trade for picks and bring up a Percy or other D they can save a bit more.
    I am kind of happy, we can’t hamper ourselves with bad contracts long term if we have less money haha

  • STAN

    Here’s the real problem. The other 29 GM’s are well aware that Nonis’ mismanagement of the cap lowers the trade value of the guys he’ll need to move to ice 23 players next season.

    It’s the domino effect. From the expensive Lupul deal to the verifiably insane Clarkson offering to the Phaneuf and Kessel packages, the Leafs will need a lot of luck to succeed over the next four seasons.