Doesn’t going to the Stanley Cup Final sound swell?

If I were rich, I’d go
to the Stanley Cup Final.

Of course, if I were
rich, the Leafs would be in the Stanley Cup Final because I would own the team
and I’m a genius.

I would fly there on the
team plane. I own that too, by the way.

It would have crazy
high-speed Wi-Fi on the plane. I mean, even if I’m a crazy rich bajillionaire
who owns an NHL team I’m still totally going to make YouTube videos.

It would have the most
ballin’ menu you can find in the sky. It would serve the finest food from
around the world, and more importantly, the “Steve Nachos” that the bar in my
old neighborhood in Scarborough served. Oh, you don’t know what those are? Well
you know how nachos always turn to goopy mush at the bottom and there are all
kinds of toppings left over? Not with Steve Nachos because Steve Nachos come
with extra chips! See? I’m smart. That’s how I became an NHL team-owning
bajillionaire in the first place.

Here’s the problem
though – I’m not an NHL team-owning bajillionaire. I am merely a blogger with a
Wi-Fi connection and a pot of coffee.

Since I’m a long way
away from my dream of eating Steve Nachos in the sky on my way to the Stanley
Cup Final, I have looked into other ways to get there: My cool new
ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card.

First of all, it’s got a
spiffy Leafs logo on it. I’d show you my card but that’d be dumb. Tell you what
– here’s one that looks just like it.


The card earns you
entries into the Scotiabank Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime contest. You could
win transportation, accommodation, and tickets to epic NHL events.
Remember I mentioned the Stanley Cup Final? That’s one of those events!

My Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime would just be too

I would go to the Hockey Hall of Fame with Felix
Potvin and play those crazy goalie emulator games. First, imagine how sick that
would be. Second, I’d probably win at least once. Even if it’s once and it’s a
complete fluke, to be able to say “Dude I beat Felix Potvin at the Hockey
Hall of Fame goalie emulator and then we high-fived and ate ice cream,”
would be the greatest thing ever. Then I would chill with Mats Sundin. He’s a
guy I would really just like to talk to about his career, time with the Leafs,
stories, and so on. We’d grab some pizza, head down to Maple Leaf Gardens (now
the Mattamy Athletic Centre), sit near the top, and just talk. After a while he
would say something super encouraging like “Hey kid, wanna go shoot a
couple pucks?” and then do a little head nudge toward the ice. I’d be like
“Oh Mats! Of course I would!” and then we’d high five and eat ice

What’s yours?

Plus, every purchase
enters you into monthly draws for NHL tickets and other amazing prizes,
like NHL GameCenter LIVE subscriptions and gift cards.

Ok let me save you some
time. Here are the prizes in list form…


2014 Stanley Cup® Final:

Two tickets to one Stanley Cup® Final Game

Two tickets to the 2014 NHL Face-Off™ game
(date and location TBA)

Where applicable, round trip economy airfare
for two departing from the Canadian International Airport nearest the winner’s
residence. No word on whether or not they sell Steve Nachos.

Two (2) nights standard hotel accommodation
(double occupancy)

$500.00 CDN spending money

Approximate Retail Value of each Grand Prize
is $5,000.00 CDN.


Alright but not everyone
can win the big grand prize. What about monthly prizes?

The Monthly Prizes:

Five chances to win two tickets to an NHL
regular season game in the NHL city of the winner’s choice. 

Twenty-five chances to win an NHL GameCenter
LIVE™ Subscription.

Fifty chances to win a $50 gift

Those are just some of the things you could get. I
could sit here and bore you with that information, but I’ve got stuff to do.

And by “got stuff to do” I mean I already have one
of these cards and I want to win before you do.