Playoff LFR: What the Duck?

Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 12.15.18 PM

The Ducks come back, the Blackhawks finish the Blues, and the Rangers are starting to look like contenders.

  • acg5151

    I would not worry about the Stars. They have a wealth of young talent beyond Seguin, Benn and Nichushkin. And a great GM in Jim Nill. Another NHL team for Leaf fans to gaze upon longingly. Boston will regret having given up on Seguin.

    The biggest problem for the Stars is that they are in the Central Division. Actually, Winnipeg is the team with the biggest problem. They were built to compete in the Southleast and now are in a much tougher neighborhood.

    For at least the next couple of years, the three California teams will battle in the Pacific while the other four will try to beat out the fifth place Central team for a playoff spot. Chicago will be a monster for years to come. I hope STL does not pull a Washington. Colorado and Dallas have loads of young talent. Minnesota is tough. Maybe Nashville will learn to score. And the Jets are screwed.

    Things could be worse for the Leafs. Imagine if they were in such a brutal division like the Central. Tampa is the only competitive Atlantic team loaded with young talent. Boston will change greatly once Chara is gone. I really hope Shanahan brings a Western Conference mentality – not only on the ice but how to run a team – to Toronto. The long term future will be bright even if there is more pain in the near term