Playoff LFR: Jaws of Defeat

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The Sharks show some teeth, a controversial call in Montreal, and more!

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  • MikeyO73

    I understand why some people don’t like the goal being waived off in Montreal last night, but there is no question that it was the correct call under the current rules. Price even deliberately moved into the Tampa player with the intent of getting knocked of balance but it’s still the right call.

    The problem, however, with revising the rule is that it would require making it more complex than it already is. The old legal maxim of “hard cases make bad law” applies perfectly here. Most hockey fans don’t really appreciate Rule 69 as it stands and adding in more exceptions will only make it more confusing and harder for the refs to apply, even with video review.

    This is a hardly a situation that comes up too often. The Tampa player got unlucky in that when he tried to get out of the net the play switch to the other side and Price was able to skate into him. Just bad luck, not something that requires rewriting the rule that the ancient hockey rule that the goalie has the right of way in the crease.