The Steve Dangle Podcast – Steve Simmons Part 2


This is part two of Steve Simmons’ basement adventure with the Steve Dangle Podcast.

  • jasken

    I learned more about how NHL teams use analytics from a Simmons interview then I ever did from fancy stat blogs. Based on the interview, you guys need to interview Nonis as I don’t think the fancy stats community can criticize his position on corsi from Nonis’s sound bytes of them not being useful. How really sad is it, that Simmons knows more about Nonis’s view on advanced stats then the fancy stat community. But I’m going to still criticize Nonis’s terrible UFA signings and garbage trades.

    BTW I love how Simmons trashes Bozak. He is destroying the mittenstringer main stream narrative that Bozak is “amazing”. Ouch that hurts but Simmons is still garbage. I’m so confused. Simmons rules. Simmons sucks. If life was only so simple.

  • jasken

    Wow Steve simmons came off like a very dismissive guy in this podcast. But he does have a point. If a player takes 10 weak shots and gives up the puck 10 times but it’s not very important, is he better than a player who gives away 10 major giveaways and takes 10 weak shots?
    If their stats are equal?
    There should be weightage in the stats on quality shots and weaker shots. And it’s hard to do that.

    Corsi and Fenwick are a great start, but this is just the dawn of the “advanced” stats. I’m sure there will be a better way to explain hockey. Like how do you measure clutch? Maybe combine quality of competition, Fenwick, PDO and other stats into one valuable stat? It is possible imo.

  • not_SorjeBalming

    I have to admit…he actually made a lot of sense in what he said about almost everything. I guess having the chance to talk in more than 140 characters can make a big difference when explaining his view.

    The only thing I did not agree with was his view that since the stats could not explain EVERYTHING…they could not be trusted to be used. I think they should be good enough to be a tool to use in helping a team make some decisions even if they are not perfect. Other than that point, I think he was really on point about a lot of stuff about the leafs in general.

    I really pray his take on RC being fired is accurate because I think this team with a different head coach will surprise a lot of us next year…that and getting rid of Dion 😉

  • not_SorjeBalming

    The second half was definitely a lot less Analytics Steve vs. Traditional Steve, so instead we got some pretty interesting insight on what Brendan Shanahan and the inner workings of how trades work in the NHL. I think just from that demeanor of Shanny being a curious person who always wants to know how everything works is something that shouldn’t be understated, and maybe, just maybe, some real change is coming towards the attitude of Leafs management. It may be a Rocky Wirtz vs. Bill Wirtz type of change in Chicago and as we saw with that management demeanor can have an affect on the organization as a whole.

  • not_SorjeBalming

    I hate the argument of “stats dont show everything and are therefore useless”. That’s like saying “chemotherapy doesn’t work 100% of the time, so it’s worthless”