LFR7 – Game 82 – Autopsy – Tor 0, Ott 1

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 6.56.18 PM

With the collapse completed, it’s time for the playoffs, with or without the Leafs.

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  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    Steve you are right. Defense, defense, defense, but i would add that its not just the defense that needs to pick it up, we need 2 way complete hockey players.

    We know this team can do – be an effective offensive team — that but instead they rely on prowess that we do have, but that tends to only beat teams in bunches because its much harder to win consistently with three pretty good lines, an OK to shaky D, and some good to excellent goal tending. The result as you pointed out is streaky hockey,particularly as teams adapt faster and better than ever before.

    The Leafs system is not a system, its lets play a lot of rush hockey and hope Bernier or Riems can hold off the inevitable, which they can sometimes but about 1/2 the time not. Leafs need a system, OR, they need to play RC’s system. If we lack the former, we should seriously consider a new coach cause teams with the talent TO has and with consistent execution of a good system will make the playoffs. If we lack the latter, then we should seriously consider a new coach cause RC cant get them to execute his system.

    Up grades….. If they trade Kadri they are nuts. Keep Bolland and maybe Mason (another one year contract, maybe two to keep him hungry), the rest I am ambivalent about, though i may fake trading half of them to say a crappy team in a lousy market just to scare em a bit.

    I would consider trading Gardiner. I like Rielly better, and I dont think Gardiner had any mentorship to help him with his game and the gaffes are here to stay with him…. beside how many rushing D do we need and wait…we have TJ Brennen and Percy in the wings….

    I hate to say this but we should have traded Riems pre trade deadline, now the whole league knows he needs balance and comfort to be the best he can be i.e., he is unsure and lacks confidence. I am tempted to say wait til next deadline. Maybe dangle him in the depths of summer and hope he doesn’t find out… if we get a good deal (rugged honest to God stay at home semi veteran (29 or 30 years old) great, if not he doesn’t suffer that loss of confidence thing…..

    Finally, i would float a Kessel trade. We need a leader up front and its very unlikey anyone would trade for a true leader. I like Kessel but he is not a leader, he does not raise the play of others. A wicked snap, yes. Awesome wheels, yes. Leader, sadly no.

    Similarly, Dion is no Bonaparte either. We lack leadership on the ice and until that changes there is likely little RC can do to have a system consistently executed. That may also help with keeping lines together (although injuries dont help…. trade mr glass lupul…. i like him but but i really like him when he is healthy but thats rarely enough).

    Leadership, defense, consistent execution of shots against system but allows for offense to function as it can….

    Thats all i got, thanks Steve you are awesome love your vids.