LFR7 – Game 80 – The Meteor – Tor 0, TB 3

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Missing the playoffs is the boom. What happens after the dust settles?


Post Game

  • Leaf fans as a whole are very dumb.

    Toronto mittenstringers are very dumb.

    You can beat them with logic and they won’t get it.

    Sometimes I want to give these idiots the team they want just to watch it be so bad the NHL decides to relegate them to the ECHL.

  • I’ve been watching your videos for the last 4 years (since Vancouver Olympics) and I’ve always enjoyed them — even as a Habs fan. I’m REALLY loving how crazy the most recent videos have been, but even they paled in comparison to the crazy I heard on TSN radio after the elimination… Whatever is in the water in Toronto, it needs to be Chlorified out of the system.

    Looking forward to your playoffs videos & the podcast. Congrats on the sponsorship!

  • My overwhelming though during the game:

    Grabovski scores in Washington and I think if they had only kept Grabo and MacArthur, who got about 50 points more than Clarkson and Bolland, they would have made the playoffs. They screwed up something that wasn’t really broken and ruined a decent playoff team.

    Clarkson’s career average is about 30 points per year!

    Carlyle’s cap excuse doesn’t really wash. It seems like a less than honest statement by somebody who really didn’t look at the numbers…assuming nobody else would.

    I think it’s close to an outright lie.

    According to Capgeek, today’s Leaf cap space was $460,129. Colton Orr’s salary is $925,000. Add the two together and you get $1,385,000. If you send down Orr or put him on LTIR because he was scratched or injured and missed all sorts of games, then you can bring up not one… but combinations of two Marlies during the season. Leivo and Broll for example, add up to $1,382,000. Abbott (69 points) and Carrick (2 more goals on Sunday) cost less…just $ 1,281,000. Brennan, Kolzun, Devane, and Smith all make $600,000 or less.

    Carlyle could not bring up Marlies because he was unwilling to waive Orr, who has cleared before. They painted themselves into a corner over Orr…and by not waving McLaren earlier.

    And why did they want Orr in tonight in Tampa? Tampa doesn’t require Orr. Carrick with the hot hand would have been my choice.

    Sure they got hurt by the max call up rule near the end, but there was a whole season, and they had even more cap room when Bolland was on LTIR.

  • Steve, agree wholeheartedly on everything. Screw the delusional fanbase that cries out on the radio, the dumbasses. Screw the coach and management. This tire fire needs to be nuked. We lose good players like MacArthur and Grabbo and now we will lose Kadri and they’ll keep Nonis and Carlysle til its too late again. Grabbo alone makes me want to become a Caps fan. Hell, I may root for the Canadiens.

    On to the Jays once again. I don’t think I’m going to follow the Leafs next year, not jeopardizing my health.

  • Building the Leafs – not rebuilding because they have not really been built. Not something that is going to get done quickly. We need to start a movement as Leaf fans that acknowledges we have a tire fire and need to fix it. And we accept that it will take time.

    The Chicago Cubs were sold in 2009. They have not won a World Series since 1908. And Maple Leaf fans think 1967 was a long time ago. The new owners have basically blown up the place. The Cubs have stunk. Their regular season records of late: 2010 75-87, 2011 71-91, 2012 61-101, 2012 66-96. This year, they are off to a 2-5 start.

    I hope the Leafs can turn it around more quickly than the Cubs but they need to take a similar approach. They need to fix scouting and player development. In a salary cap league, you need a lot of good players who can contribute while still on entry level contracts. The Leafs do not.

    The core on which the Leafs should build is obvious to me. Five players – Kessell, JVR, Kadri, Rielly, Bernier. Everyone else is expendable. Quite a few should be launched.

    About Kadri – you do not give up on young talent. Boston will regret giving up on Seguin. Chicago drafted Kyle Beach 11th overall in the first round in 2008. He has yet to play a game in the NHL. Yet Chicago waited until this season to finally give up on him. And they had numerous non-playing reasons to do so – as well as the fact that he sucked. But they waited until they were certain there was nothing there. But in Toronto, we want to give up on a young player who has 50 points???? Madness.

  • Now is the time to do what Burke never wanted to do and tank to accumulate great prospects. Tank for McDavid is on. Clarkson and Gleason is a great core to accomplish this and trade everyone else.

  • Hat guy cameo in the middle, brilliant! He should do is own videos, for special occasions! You’re a Leaf fan, you know pain, you know nothing, I’m 47, from when I was a wee boy I loved hockey. When I was wee, the player I thought was the bees knees was Gilbert Perreault. You see, the Leafs sucked back then too, so I was a Sabre’s fan, Perreault, and the French Connection, Don Luce, Danny Gare etc, Jerry Desjardins even. Those were my heros….until the day that Perreault retired. Then I was a 20 yr old punk living in the Yukon, drinking beer and chasing women were my main pursuits as hockey had taken a back see to my sex drive, and I was in the Yukon in the 80’s, not much media up there then. Then came along a young man from Kelvington Sask, and boom, I was now a Leaf fan, few yrs later I live in the GTA, each year, more and more Leafs games are on Tv, I watch, I pray, I cheer my little heart out, and each and every year they broke my heart. Because I’m a couple of yrs older, I’m reminded of a song, you have never heard. It’s by BOC, called, The Veteran Of The Psychic wars, In it, there is a line that I think sums up how you and I and most long suffering Leaf fans feel, “wounds are all I’m made of, I’m not sure that there’s anything left of me”! Translation, you can’t hurt me, I’m made of nothing but scars, I wear my Jersey and people yell from their cars, Leafs suck! Or,” Leafs are gonna lose”! To which I say, well, at least I’m used to it. Oye!