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  • TGT23

    If um, you would like to cheer for a team that wins occasionally, we’d be happy to welcome you to try out being a Wings fan.

    Try it for just a game, it might be fun! (Although they play the Lightning today, and I imagine will probably find an inventive way to lose because this hasn’t been the best season)

  • TGT23

    btw. as a leafs, raptors, blue jays, chiefs fan. Its pretty sad that I cant recall the last time I saw the 2nd round of the playoffs. Every single time a season ends painfully a new season begins. I am the most hardcore sports fan I know, i almost literally never miss a game of any of these teams. Yet this is how I’m repaid year after year. Man it hurts.

  • TGT23

    Oh honey…don’t go down the ‘cursed’ road. Cubs fans went there decades ago and never came back.

    ‘This organization needs to make smarter decisions’ is less fun, narratively, but at least it leaves the door open for improvement through purpose and agency, rather than attempts to appease an imaginary and yet somehow super angry and vengeful god.

  • TGT23

    Is anyone surprised the leafs lost 8 games in a row?

    Take a look at the leaf Corsi. Even the Sabres have not lost 8 in a row this year but that just shows the leafs are that much more worse then then Buffalol.

    Also don’t buy this talk about leaf goaltending faltering being the reason for the leaf collapse. Come on the math shows that even with average goaltending the leaf team would have lost 8 games in a row.

    The reason the leafs are losing is simple – the leafs give up too many shots against.

    • TGT23


      There is a difference between believing the team will be bad over the whole of a season or in a 7-game series will be taken apart and expecting an 8-game losing streak in March.

      No one can say “Oh yeah, I saw this 8 game losing streak coming”. That’s a lie. You are lying.

      Considering the place they were in before the streak started, even if you considered them an awful team, eight in a row was not foreseeable.

      But, yes, bad team. Too many shots against. But this streak is not something predictable.

      The Leafs are not worse than Buffalo. That I don’t believe. Buffalo is a bigger train wreck.

      • TGT23

        To be fair, he never said he saw the 8 game losing streak coming. He asked if anyone was suprised at it. That is a difference. While I never saw the streak coming as it progressed it didn’t suprise me. It’s not like the leafs are aging any different during this streak, they are playing the exact same way they have all year. They simply are not a very good team. They are not big enough, deep enough nor skilled enough on the back end. They are about an average at team as a team can be. To top this off they are poorly coached. I still believe they are not that far away but they need a new coach to get the best out of them.

        Oh yea and a GM who doesn’t waste an entire off season “upgrading” the one position where they don’t actually need upgrading. Most every one saw that the big need for the Leafs was another minute munching dman to help Phanuef. Management needs to pull their collective heads out of their asses and bring their A-game to fix this mess.

  • TGT23

    Been a leafs fan know tce 1959, the year I was born. Nothing new with this team, sad to say but we need a Pat Burns type of coach, a Doug Gilmour style of Captain. We probably would’ve kicked the Habs all over the rink in 93 if we hadn’t been robbed by the ref. Anyway, Steve you need to claim down before you blow a gasket. Although, it was cool watch your ears turn red.
    As leafs fans we know the pain of losing. Maybe some day they will surprise us and win the cup.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    i have been saying all year, on the ice Leafs lack leadership, especially up front. Kessel is a great scorer but a non entity as a leader. Dion plays awesome minutes but is not a strong leader. Leadership on the ice would drag the boys to a higher level and is critical in critical situations. Stevie Y, Rod Brindamor, Joe Sakic, and our own Doug Gilmor… these guys are the stuff of leadership. Find and spend money on them not just a guy with a wicked snap. We need to spend in free agency to have a proven leader, our youth demand a mentor.

    Leadership on ice is critical and its lack thereof is often reflected in management and coaching. Carlye style doesn’t match with Leaf freer wheeling talent, simple as that; but then again Leaf talent probably doesn’t get us far enough anyhow. That Bolland didn’t play much and Clarkson was a bust, certainly didn’t aid the cause. I could see a fast feisty team in the early season that may have worked better over the course of the season, but not the grinder type RC seems to best coach. Seems we oscillated between different styles all year, and lacking consistency doesn’t help players know what to do and it shows. Getting back to your “winning” game is hard to do when you don’t have a game to get back to.

    Cursed by a series of poor decisions, bad luck, and being cheap when they needed to spend, that is our lot.

    Go Leafs go.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    Hey Leafs Fans.come on now can’t give no you’ve gone this far….there’s always a chance right???

    Anyways thats why I don’t watch sports for teams, I watch sports for the game and the players….

    As for the reasons for the losses this year is very simple..
    1. Defense there is none
    2. the forwards there is none
    3. there’s no team here as in one together working for one purpose as in winning the game not play for yourself..
    4. team can’t score more than 1 or 2 goals on any giving game especially lately, which leaves it up to the goalie that game to perform on his head and stop all the shots or no more than 1 or 2 in a 3 period set..good luck with any goalie able to perfore that expectation every game
    5.Goaltender war….don’t get me started there.

    equals: Team Leafs going no where fast and all the fans and money with them…..

    The Goalies carried this team month after month now that the Goalies need the team to be there for them, their left out to dry…..

    GO REIMS GO!!!