LEAFS POSTGAME: Hahahaha eight straight


What is hockey? The Toronto Maple Leafs alternated between having a slight edge in control of the game and making Darren Helm look like Mario Lemieux. 

The Rundown

Darren Helm scored a Hat Trick. The Leafs still haven’t scored more than three goals in regulation in over a month. Darren Helm scored a Hat Trick. One of the goals was shorthanded.

Why The Leafs Lost

  • Bad luck
  • James Reimer
  • Haven’t relocated to Mimico yet
  • Not enough punches
  • James Reimer
  • Who cares

Blue Warrior

Why are you reading this? The TFC game started a few minutes ago. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.

  • TGT23

    I… I don’t…

    So it can’t be said I’m completely bias, the 5-hole goal was weak. I HATE 5-hole goals.

    But why was no one moving Helm from in front of Bernier on the other goal? Isn’t that sort of a D-man’s job?

    Partial break goal… Good move. Shouldn’t happen but it does. Whatever.

    Howard had a great game, I can’t overly blame the lack of offense, they most certainly had chances, but it is still frustrating.

    So, it appears the season is done. Unless they go on a huge run to end the year… Which is very unlikely.

  • TGT23

    I love this! This is truly pleasurable to watch Leafs fans suffer. No playoffs this year after such a good start. Let’s face it… the team is not very good. Do you really think Kessel and Phaneuf are the ones to lead this team to the promised land? And don’t even talk about Clarkson. But you’ve got those players locked up the next several years. The Corsi people had it right from the start. There was no way this team could sustain it’s winning percentage. Hockey is a puck possession game after all. The team’s less-than stellar performance early on in the year was masked by their brilliant goaltending. But now it’s all caught up to them. I will enjoy seeing how the remaining games play out.

    • TGT23

      Such a great city and such a dismal sports center. Will Toronto ever learn that success is gained by hard work and not by a select number of players.It takes a team effort and modest respectful approach to create a winner. Leafs were doing very well but became noticeably cocky and overconfident.Here they are out of the playoffs for yet another year. God love the fans for sticking with such a non productive franchise and living with the fact that it will be some time before the laughable leafs ever make a good playoff run and will probably never see a Stanley Cup in their city Hall.

  • TGT23

    I could cry. our system is seriously flawed, no way around it. Its going to take a new coach, and i would fire nonis too tbh, the clarkson deal is so bad; and when nonis says that he knows it could be a terrible contract down the road but its about now, that is not what I want to hear from a gm. They coulda had penner & ryder on 1-3yr contracts for the same amount of money combined!

    just… it hurts, it hurts bad. the burn is deep inside my loins

  • TGT23

    Maybe they should just shut down Bernier. Sure, he wants to help the team and play, he hoped he’d be healthy enough to carry them into the playoffs, but clearly he isn’t.

    I think you rest him, plug in Riemer or maybe call McIntyre up for a couple starts. And call the season.

    Yes, they are only 2 pts back, but they have less games remaining and the way they are playing, don’t see a streak of wins in them.

    Why put your starter, who is injured, in a spot to be reinjured? You need him at 100% next season, probably won’t have Reimer as his backup anymore so he’ll need to play 60 next season.

    And Cujo, do you honestly think Phil and Dion are to blame for this? I have a list of names that should take blame and they aren’t near the top.

    Top is Nonis. Just because Edmonton is offering 6m/yr doesn’t mean you need to up your offer. Let him go! Fire Carlyle and keep Grabo and MacArthur! Don’t enter a senseless bidding war for a 3rd line 29yr old winger with exactly one great season under his belt.

    • TGT23

      And you can watch him shutting down Crosby and being really, really good earlier in the season.

      He’s inconsistent, both in play and in effort, and he’s probably hurt, definitely tired, they need another d-man to eat some minutes to keep him to 18-20 per game, but he is a good d-man. He has the talent.

      If he were a FA he’d have every team with cap space after him. Without him, this team is giving up 50 shots nightly instead of 50 once in a while.