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  • TGT23

    First off:
    Wiser’s isn’t bad, but Alberta Springs is a better Canadian whisky. I’m not saying there’s a correlation, but this stuff is distilled by people in Flames country and know a thing or two about drowning sorrows in whisky.

    Secondly, does Clarkson have the goods on Nonis or something? Capgeek says that in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, David Clarkson is a 7 million dollar man. That’s…. effing incredible. That’s Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Henrik Sedin, Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau money.

  • TGT23

    Alright, trade idea;

    To Vancouver:
    Randy Carlyle
    David Clarkson
    James Reimer

    To Toronto:
    John Tortorella
    Ryan Kessler
    Jacob Markstrom or 2nd Round Pick

    Or… Can we trade for other teams compliance buyout?

  • TGT23

    Hey Steve, I was wondering if you were to stop making videos and suddenly the leafs become good, how far in the playoffs would they have to go for you to make a video ?

    Also don’t ever stop making these videos! They are the only good thing about a leafs game day these days.

    As to when they will win the cup I think it will be 2067 because that will mark the century point of their last win and I figure even the leafs should be able to win one out of sheer luck in a century .

  • Poluza

    If the leafs keep playing the way they are, they probably won’t win while the year starts with a two..

    But in all seriousness, Carlyle is right. These are correctable mistakes… For nonis that is. It might be the ACC water fooling me yet again, but I still believe that the Leafs are only a couple years seperated from a long playoff run AS LONG AS this team with this core can roll 4 lines and have much less glaring holes on the back end.

    As steve said in one of his videos, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well their top line center, while not elite, ain’t broke. So lets use that money to fund the Cody Franson replacement, or the Mcclement replacement.

    I would run the naked mile after every game that the leafs ice their top marlies instead of this enforcer-mcclement-enforcer line.

    Keep Bodie and the rest of the call ups. They filled in admirably. Lose that fourth line and lose Franson and lose the coach. Please.

  • Poluza

    Columbus lost so we still have 4 teams tied at 80 points for 2 wildcard spots.

    But tonight is the whole season on one game.

    If Detroit wins their playoff chances rise to 67% and the Leafs drop to 6.8% and its over.

    If the Leafs win, it all equals up. Detroit’s chances drop to 35% and the Leafs rise 30%…and loses by Washington and Columbus would take the Leafs chances even higher.

    It’s all on the line today and will be decided before the 2nd HNIC game.

    You cheered for Montreal on Thursday, because it would help the Leafs. Today its just as bad or worse. You will now have to cheer against Washington and thus cheer for Boston in the game that starts at 12:30.

    Its a dirty feeling, perhaps everybody can have showers and a new change of clothes before the Leafs game.

  • On Colton Orr…I think he is done. He doesn’t really intimidate any more. Worn out? Doesn’t want to do the job? It doesn’t really matter.

    We have better options that can actually play: Broll and Devane

    Broll (11 fights this year) could take on Symmonds, watch Broll recently fight a guy who is 6’7″

    Watch Devane (10 fights this year) punk this guy in the same game:

    Sam Carrick is tough as nails and had another goal and another fight last night to take hime to 7 fights this year.

    Carrick and Broll play on the same line. These guys can actually play the game.In 51 games, Carrick has 23 points and plus 14. Broll has 15 points and Devane has 6. In 51 games this season Orr doesn’t have a point.

    Last night, Carrick, Broll and Devane all had points and were plus players.

    I don’t really get it.

  • The Raptors references were pretty funny, but to be honest there’s a fair amount of similarities to when the Raps sucked in the past few years and the Leafs now. They had a poor GM in Colangelo and toxic contracts like Bargnani and Rudy Gay, but a solid amount of young talent in a top-heavy, but poor conference. I guess the difference is they hired a competent (very competent…top 5 esque) GM in Masai Ujuri who was able to get steals for cap space in this and then made such a good FA signing in Lowry he couldn’t tank like he was supposed to as well as receive good depth/bench players (something we need) as well. But the idea is that management saved the Raptors, which ultimately looks like what has to happen for the Leafs. I don’t really know if you can move Clarkson’s contact or how long you’d be biting the bullet on the cap if you manage to, but at this point it makes sense to start exploring that as well as maybe guys like Lupul (injury risk…decline), Gleason (not even close to worth his money), for either picks and hope the Marlies can step in and use that money to make sure the young guys are signed. I don’t think they can turn around as fast as the Raptors, but it’s definitely possible.