LGD – Game 75: Still hanging on

The Leafs absolutely need a pair of wins this weekend. Though they’ve seen their chances of the playoffs take an enormous hit over the last couple weeks, if they can scrape out four points in the next 48 hours things could be interesting right down to the last day of the season. But they need both games.

Of course a lot of attention will be on the divisional make-or-break game with the Wings tomorrow, but tonight they’re trying to knock off the Flyers in a game equally as important. Many of us have already written the Leafs off at this point, but drop one of these games and we can really put the fork in them. Two regulation wins would do enough to at least delay the heartbreak. 


  • Here’s one key statistic: The Leafs have dropped six straight games and apparently that’s not good for your playoff chances.
  • The Leafs have won the two previous match-ups against the Flyers: 3-1 at the beginning of the season, and a recent 4-3 OT win earlier this month.
  • Through those two games, shots have been close overall, 63-61 in favor of the Flyers.
  • Philly has climbed well into the playoff picture after a brutal start to the season, but they’ve lost two straight this week and sit third in the Metro with 83 points. The Leafs have 80, but with two more games played.
  • Both teams are near the bottom of the league in terms of possession: The Flyers at 25th in close-situation Fenwick percentage (47.9%), the Leafs next to last (41.6%). Big gap there, obviously. This isn’t news.


















Looks like it’s Bernier for the Leafs (51 GP, .925 sv%) and Steve Mason for the Flyers (55 GP, .916 sv%).

Puck drops at 7:00pm EST on Sportsnet-Ontario.

Lineup sources: Daily Faceoff and Twitter

  • RedMan

    The leafs still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs. I’m not sure why everyone is talking like it is over just yet but rather the odds are not as high now. Though provided there is a fight in the game while leafs are still in the game score wise I see this team making it.

  • RedMan

    Boy what a bunch of one minded one side posters on this board…………… When are you Bernier lovers goanna wake up?????

    Due to all the shots Bernier has absorbed and how he makes a God awful American Leafs(formerly Toronto Maple Leafs) as its my understanding the Americans own them look bad when he doesn’t play…because apparently when he plays he covers up a lot of their flaws where when reamer plays it shows you again how awful a team they really are….

    Bernier is going to make a name for himself on the backs of this team, Reimer, the fans etc.. And leave you out to dry because he will be scouted out by other teams who see the shots he takes the saves he makes, why would he want to take the shots and have to work twice as hard as other goalies who have a great team to boot and risk getting another injury???? think about it…he’s a one man team, he thinks and looks out for himself…he didn’t return because he wanted to save your pathetic team he returned because he thought it would better his career to WIN the game and at home and bury Reims to boot………….Now look at me I have value I will be sought out by teams who can win the Cup and I won’t have to keep working so hard and covering up etc. and I am the man…yadda yadda

    oh goody for Bernier………He never was here to stay….grow up…YOU had a Goalie team with Reims and Ben two people who loved this sport, this city, that value its team and its fans who worked hard to win who would have stuck it out through thick or thin and what did you do? trader one and destroyed the other…..

    So when it comes down to it you will be looking for another stupid enough guy to fill your chosen ones net………………..

    Play offs or not your going no where fast…………………….I pray Reims finds a better home soon and puts this crapfest behind him……..REIMS IS A BETTER GOALIE..and if the dam trainers had spent the time correcting these so called flaws you would have seen an even better goalie…he hasn’t been the same since he had that great game against the capitals….something Bernier couldn’t do…played 60 minutes, ONE goal in regulations 49 shots I think, plus the overtime and than the shoot out…yep that sounds like a God awful Goalie to me……………he deserved a hell of a lot more respect than hes gotten…than to come back the nect game and be left out to dry…hes never seemed to have his edge again since than…he also went down with a head hit before this game I think it was 32 seconds into the game and shocked everyone by coming back to practice the next day…MAYBE he was still not himself because I have seen a different Goalie and I worry that hes carrying this with him and if so, will suffer in the long run if not addressed…Why hasn’t a medical staff re look at this and make sure he is alright???? not an excuse but warranted ….hits to the head are more to worry about than low grade groin injuries… maybe he’s having problems seeing straight at times, he’s also never been this jittery in the net..yes lost of confidence but is there more to it…………..????/
    GO AMERICAN LEAFS GO!!! hahahahaha looks good that all your money in going into american pockets…..but really my heart goes out to you die hard fans…..
    its to bad you treat any one on your team that you crow about like garbage if they aren’t up to snuff every game….like to see any of you do better….

    • TGT23

      How is he a one man team? Prove your work. Show facts, not bias.

      Reimer is a better goalie? Based on what? His weak glove hand? His subpar season this year (or two years ago)?

      Yes, he deserves more respect and has been very good in some games/stretches, but what makes him the better goalie? His worse stats?

      All you have is shootout saves… Shootout saves, which won’t help him much in the playoffs where there isn’t a shootout.

      And all your “he played better vs. Washington than Bernier” stuff is weak. There are tons of games where Bernier has played better against teams than Reimer. So you have your one game. We have a seasons worth of counter examples.

      All you’re doing is making excuses for Reimer, insulting Bernier based on no facts or stats, and claiming WE’RE the biased haters.

      Nice try.

    • TGT23

      You know what? I’m not done.

      All Bernier has done to offend you is win a starting job. And all you do is trash his character based on nothing.

      This is a guy who all he did was sit behind another goalie for years, rightfully or not, and no one ever heard a peep from him. He did what was best for the team.

      He builds a reputation as a great, potential star goalie who is stuck behind another star goalie and all anyone says will be a great goalie if he can ever get to have his own team.

      Then, through no fault of his own, he gets traded to Toronto. And usurps your precious Reimer.

      He has a better season than Reimer and proves to everyone that they were right. He is an NHL starting goalie.

      He never asked to be a Leaf, he certainly didn’t ask Reimer to play bad, and he definitely didn’t want the team to go 0-5 without him destroying all the hard work he put in to get them to 2nd place.

      In fact, the ONLY goalie to be in the media for something he had SAID is Reimer.

      So quit bashing Bernier and attacking his character for doing nothing but his job and doing it better than Reimer.

  • RedMan

    Well, I hate say it…but the Habs came through for us.

    If Detroit had won, their chances of making the playoffs would have been up to 70%. Their chances are now down to 46%. Other teams lose big games too, not just the Leafs.

    Because of Detroit’s loss, the Leafs’ chances went up 4% to 29%.

    If the Leafs win tonight, their chances go to 43%. If they lose, down to 18.2%

    If they win Friday and Saturday, things start looking good again.

    The season is on the line in the next two days, so cross your fingers and hope for the best.