Oh, the humanity!


The end of this Leafs season has taken on a real Hindenburg trying to land in Lakehurst, New Jersey feel to it.

Tuesday night the Leafs allowed a staggering 23
shots in the first period as they went on to lose 5-3 to the Blues. There’s
no question the Blues are a very good team but that makes it six straight
losses for the stumbling Leafs and the Leafs Nation is angry my friends. As if
that wasn’t ugly enough all six losses have come in regulation time.

After their victory over the Kings back on March 13th the Leafs had it made. They had 80 points with 14 games left to play. I mean, even Randy Carlyle couldn’t screw that up. Or so we thought.

Leafs fans should have known better than to trust the fate of their team with a man who can’t operate a freaking toaster!

In the pantheon of ugly late season losing streaks by the Leafs this has to rank up there as one of the worst.

Now, if by some miracle, Carlyle and the Leafs can manage to find a way to
pull themselves out of this late season nose dive and squeak into the playoffs
then maybe, just maybe, Randy Carlyle can save his job.

But if the 18 wheeler continues to careen off of the
edge of the cliff and the Leafs end up missing the post-season, then Carlyle
is toast (pardon the pun).

With each loss Leafs fans jam the phones lines of
sports talk radio stations with angry calls for heads to roll. Fire
Carlyle! Phaneuf is a bum! (Sweet Jesus, Phaneuf was gawd awful against the Blues) Buy out

Phaneuf looks completely lost out there at times and seems to have no confidence with the puck in his own end. Maybe if the Leafs can reduce his ice time and surround him with more talent then Phaneuf can rediscover his game. But none of that is going to happen between now and the end of the season.

Credit where credit is due. Last summer Greg Brady was vehemently against the signing of David Clarkson and made it clear he thought it was a mistake for Dave Nonis to sign him. Especially for the term and money he was given. Lord knows I didn’t always agree with Greg but he was right about Clarkson. Of course there is always a chance a new Coach might help to restore Clarkson’s game, but as of right now his signing and his contract are a major mistake.

With their next two games against the Flyers and the
Red Wings the Leafs losing streak could easily hit eight games by Saturday

Now if you think it is ugly now, just wait
to see what happens if the Leafs losing streak hits eight games. 

To makes matters even worse for the Leafs is the fact that the two teams
they are chasing for the Wild Card in the Eastern Conference, the Blue Jackets
and the Red Wings, each have two games in hand.

The thought of the Blue Jackets making the playoffs
while the Leafs piss away the season in the mother of all tailspins will be too
much for the Leafs Nation to take. 

Tim Leiweke didn’t come to Toronto to sit and watch this garbage. If the inevitable happens and the Leafs miss the playoffs then he is going to go on a firing spree that would make Ari Gold blush.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be safe from Leiweke’s hatchet if this keeps up.

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  • SolidJoel

    For the leafs sake I really hope the bold moves mentioned above happen. Carlye and Nonis both need to go as they have refused to acknowledge that the leafs have major possession issues throughout the season and only seem to base their judgement on wins and losses, regardless of how badly they are playing. Also the fact that Nonis wanted to go after Rob Scuderi to shore up our defence does not create alot of faith in me. Watch nonis try and get andrew mcdonald, smh.

  • Mason from NC

    I’ve identified as a Leafs fan for as long as I can remember. The 11-point Leaf is inked onto me. It is my scarlet letter, my azure symbol.

    But something about this whole collapse is hilarious to me. Something inside me wants it to keep going. I’m almost certain it’s because I believe (as almost everyone here does) that there are significant problems with the team and the coaching staff that won’t be addressed unless their season is less than 86 games long.

    Cue the patriotism debate? Is fanhood only rooting for the W, or is it rooting for an earned W?

    My favourite hockey team shouldn’t spark these kinds of internal debates, right?

  • Mason from NC

    Leafs fans capable of some long-term vision should be *cheering* for this season to make like an 18 wheeler over a cliff if it means being free of our tire fire of a coach.

    Making the playoffs this year would be a *disaster* in the long-run if it kept Carlyle employed here. Firstly in that his coaching is self-evidently terrible to anyone not “old-school hockey guy* enough to have already gone senile, and secondly in that the “trading offense for defense” that he will demand will condemn this team to never rising above scrapping into the playoffs mediocrity for another generation of wasted core assets.

    My nightmare scenario, obviously, is them missing the playoffs and Carlyle keeping his job…

  • Mason from NC

    Let’s stop dumping on Phaneuf. the guy is asked to play too many minutes, and always against the other team’s best players.
    Randy Carlyle has proven that he is not up to the task, but Nonis appears to be taking a longer term view. He made good decisions on Connelly, McCarthur, Grabovski, Liles and Komisarek. Please let Orr and McClaren be next so Bodie can stay in the lineup.
    Made a great trade to bring in Bernier, and Gleason has been a nice addition.
    Nonis deserves a chance to continue building this team into a consistent contender.