• Poluza

    That was very cute. Beautiful video. I feel you man. It’s not over until it’s over. We still have a chance but I don’t think much is going to happen this year even if we make it – too many injuries – there’s no way the Captain is not hurt, Franson probably as well, Bernier, Bolland… Orr and McClement haven’t done the job this season and kids that were brought up didn’t do much either. Clarkson has been sooooo bad ๐Ÿ™

  • Jeremy Ian

    It’s sad to think that the peak of this current team was making the playoffs once in a decade then pulling off an improbable choke job.

    I am glad I gave up hope after Montreal, it’s made the last two losses not sting as bad. Obviously hoped they could turn it around but when you start to get into games 70+, that is the team you have and there are no more excuses.

    They will probably go on a streak to give everyone hope and then whether or not they make it will be decided by another team winning or losing their last game of the year.. you know, just to make everyone hold out hope for one more crushing disappointment.

  • Jeremy Ian

    OK, so here’s a question for you, Steve. Just so we have stuff to think about as we fly of the cliff again in our crowded 18-wheeler.

    The question: How permanent is bad coaching? Imagining Carlyle fired at the end of the season, I wonder whether this team is beyond redemption. It would be a shame, with some of the great talent on the team, to have to start all over again. Thoughts?

  • SolidJoel


    โ€œOh, this isnโ€™t even B.O.! This is beyond B.O.! Itโ€™s B.B.O.โ€ -George Costanza

    Don’t get too down. If the Leafs win the next two games things will look much better.

    Heck…if Montreal just beats Detroit tomorrow…things will look better.

    Imagine that…cheering for the Habs for a day?

    BBO? We might have to depend on the stink of other cars. Not like we have never been there before.

    Detroit’s schedule is very tough: Montreal, Toronto, Tampa, Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Carolina, St. Louis.

    In contrast, the Leafs close out the season with Calgary, Boston, Winnipeg, Tampa, Florida and Ottawa.

    If the Leafs do miss the playoffs, there might be some positive repercussions. Carlyle will have to adjust and be better or be fired. Maybe Orr finally gets waived. Maybe we trade some players like Franson and get a defensive dman while keeping both Reilly and Gardiner…plus we make some room and cap space for the young guys coming up.

    The Marlies are doing well and we have some nice prospects.

    My childhood memories of the Leafs are the Ballard years, so I know from that scarring experience that things can be much worse.