James Reimer: “COME AFTER ME! I’M A MAN! I’M 40!

Look – if you get a chance to use this video in a post, you use this video in a post, Ok?

Seriously though, James Reimer has commented on the big dumb idiots who said big dumb idiot things to his wife April.

TheLeafsNation.com’s own Jeffler wrote about these big dumb idiots saying big dumb idiot things on the 22nd. So far, over 30,000 people have read Jeffler’s post on this site. 

Yesterday, the Toronto Star’s Curtis Rush thought “Hey I could write that but not as good at all”, trolled Twitter for interviews, and managed to insinuate Hope Smoke said something he didn’t in the process. Rush also interviewed Jeffler and then got the name of this site wrong when he inserted his quote. That tire fire of a post lead to Hope Smoke joining Fearless Fred on the radio on 102.1 The Edge to talk about it and clear his name. Rightly or wrongly, the story has been a hot topic of conversation surrounding the Leafs for a few days now.

Now James Reimer, possibly the smiliest Leaf of all-time, has to actually come out and say something he shouldn’t need to like “Hey can you maybe not attack my wife.”

I know this isn’t a Toronto-only or Leafs-only thing, but it’s just so, so ridiculous. I know I’m writing a post about it now, but let this be the last. There’s poking fun, there’s criticism, and then there’s that garbage.

Let’s all be, you know, people.

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  • Man, as a hockey fan in general, I hope to god Reimer can get this win tonight. The poor guy’s taken so much heat (though I know real fans are aware of what’s really going on with the Leafs), and I think a W tonight will do much for his mental health. Or at the very least, not an utter shellacking.