LFR7 – Game 73 – Gate 5 of Hell – Tor 2, NJ 3

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The Reimer talk gets worse and so do the Leafs’ playoff hopes.


  • TGT23

    I feel sorry for Carlyle having to deal with stupid fans and media questions. Tonight he said he won’t answer any question on goaltending when asked of Reimer because the media creates a whirlwind. The guy goes out of his way to keep Reimer and the team positive and people keep trashing him and as bad the media trashes the players like Reimer.

    Many leaf fans don’t deserve the playoffs for how they treat the players and tea.

  • The Craig

    It’s ok. Everyone just breathe. Drew is here to save the season.

    Babcock is the best coach in the league, has been for some time, case in point: Red Wings. No Datsuyk. No Zetterberg. Tied with Leafs. With two games in hand. #FireCarlyle

  • Jeremy Ian

    Optimistic? Sure, why not, Steve. What else are we going to be? I mean, what’s the point about being a fan and a pessimist — unless you are a masochist. Though, after so many years of being Leaf fan one does wonder about where this team draws its threshold of pain.

    But being optimistic and naive are two different things.

    Optimism: there are a lot of talented players on this team in many of the core positions, from the centerline to the net. You can’t have a good team without good players. It’s been a long time since the Leafs could boast this caliber.

    Realism: you also can’t have a good team if it’s just a loose assembly of parts.

    It is worth asking whether Carlyle is the right coach. I have my doubts, and if the 18-wheeler stays on course there’s going to be a loud chorus of them.

    The reason why people look for magic solutions — Clarkson signing, the return of Bolland, the examples you cite — is because the team feels a nudge or two away from being really good. Partly also because nudges are simple solutions to complex problems. Complex problems are….well….complicated. One conclusion I draw from this season already — and this video only confirms it, Steve — is that the Leafs’ problems are complex. Gone are the illusions that the team is a player or two away from greatness.

  • Carlyle used Bernier too much, and when he got injured he threw in Reimer, cold and without confidence. What did he really expect was going to happen? And if Carlyle actually corrects the things that ARE correctable, and the guys get some confidence back i think we will still make the playoffs.

  • watch the pathetic d zone coverage by both the dmen and forwards, i have seen better fundamentals executed by 12 yr old house league girls. diane phangoof is lost in his own zone, watch the guy he doesnt have a clue as to where to be. poor stick as well as body positioning, never where he should be.