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  • The answer to the salsa question is that you’re supposed to dump it into a bowl prior to serving. There are also some flatter containers you can buy which make dipping easier.

    Unfortunately that solves just one problem.

  • I hope you guys finally understand why us fans get annoyed at you guys pointing out that the leafs poor shot differential, or Kessel’s poor Corsi, nor Reimer’s below average SV%, nor Clarkson’s poor SH% or Bozak’s lucky SH% are not valid to criticize the player.

    The trouble is not even those #. The problem comes in forming conclusion of what does objective number like Reimer’s lower SV% or Clarkson SH% struggles mean about that specific player.

    Reimer is trying his best and so is Clarkson. And like Reimer who wasn’t given a chance to perform, Clarkson has the similar treatment in being used largely as a third line check with tough zone starts. No but everyone keeps talking about how much Clarkson sucks.

  • A few weeks ago I compared Reimer and Schneider to settle an argument with a buddy (I advocated that they should have similar trade value – i.e., a first round pick). Turns out their even-strength save percentage compares favourable over the past four years (albeit, neither goalie was carrying heavy workloads).

    I’m not saying Reimer has a Vezina in his future or is better than Schneider (or even Bernier), but he’s a pretty good goalie. However, because he doesn’t have the pedigree of being a first round pick, he seems to have anointed team scapegoat by the (uninformed) media. It’s always the same narrative: Every loss is his fault despite the horrific defense being played in front of him (which speaks to other, underlying, issues with the team). Hopefully, he bounces back today because he hasn’t been great since the LA game, and I want him to, at the very least, regain trade value so the Leafs can move him for assets this summer.

  • @RP

    Schneider also played behind a fairly solid defense corps/defensive system in the Canucks under AV (even after they started having scoring troubles).

    The more defensively responsible a team is, the fewer miracles their goalies need to make. As Exhibit A, compare the Oilers to say, LA.