• whichonespink

    I would hate, hate to see Reimer go, and unlike the idiom, I wouldn’t want to watch him leave, for many reasons. Remember way back…..before the 2, count’em 2 game losing streak, when the Leafs where going gangbusters? Ya, Bernier was letting 3 goals a night per victory and 4-5 in loses. Nobody said boo. Now Bernier is hurt, and the first start for Reimer is a 3-2 loss. So Bernier 3 goals a night and wins, a OK, Reimer lets in 3 and his coach is pissed because he thought he should have only let in 2, or 1? They traded assets to get Bernier with the plan to be the number one goalie, even though we had a number one goalie, the only man to drag this sorry, sorry excuse for a hockey franchise into the playoffs in 9 yrs. Well, what do you know? Bernier gets more starts plays well and is anointed the starter. Kind of like going to a surgeon for a problem, he’s probably going to recommend surgery. Assets and a contract twice the size of your last years starter is a recipe for a new starter. I think Reimer has got a raw deal from the Leafs. He came out of nowhere and took this team to ot in game 7 against a team the Leafs had no business being in, let alone winning. All this kid has done is win. People will complain about his glove and his rebound which at the start of the year, you know, when he was playing, had improved, now he sits on the bench and watches a good goalie, better than OK, but I’m still not convinced he’s better than Reimer, and if he is, it’s a razor thin margin. So while Kenneth the Page was stealing games for the Leafs last yr, all he heard was Lulongo and then for a few days, Kipper. He stops pucks and wins, why do they have to cut him off at the knees like that? And what the hell was RC thinking after the Was game? Has he seen his D? Has he watched the games? No matter who’s in net, they get shelled, every night. What’s that, how’s RC as a coach? He’s OK, just OK….actually with his management of the crease and the insistence of playing Orr each night even though he can’t play hockey and doesn’t fight. anymore, I want him gone…well I want both gone, I’ll drive them to the airport if that is what it takes. I didn’t like the signing of Orr, I really hated the sequel, and I wasn’t happy with the choice of RC being the new coach when we had a good coach in the system that had already coached much of the team. Rookie head coach and the 2nd youngest team in the league could have grown up together right before our eyes, but no, we had to go out and sign a dino. The only coach that I was more puzzled at when he signed, was Torts in Vancouver. Though I think that may have been the owners, sticking their nose into business they know not about. Oi! Rant over, I need to swear for a few minutes now.

    • Lupul4Captain

      If they hired Eakins think about the how different team wouldve looked…. No Clarkson even though i like him … But money couldve been used on a d Reimer wouldnt of been s**t on …. still wouldve had Macarthur and Eakins resume would not of started with a losing record

  • DeSpy

    Where are all Reims supporters? He needs you now….Are you sick of all the crap being tossed at him? can he rise above it all and get his career back where it began..with a bright future? He has been desimated continually by the whole Leafs Organization, by his own team mates….Should a player with such proimsed be destroyed and be accused of costing this teams losses all by himself that he is the only reason since LA Kings win for all the crap that is transpiring..I HOCKEY only a one man sport? I thought it was a team sport..Where a team works together, competes togethe,. wins and looses together…stands together no matter what…

    the whole Leafs Organization sucks big time and don’t deserve Reimer……

    I have never seen one player anywhere in the whole NHL who has been disamated as much as Reims, SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!

    This is un-called for and not sportmanship at any level, no player deserves this kind of abuse and the sad part is Reims is being blamed for all that has happened since the LA Kings win last week….I didn’trealize that Hockey was a one person sport I thought it consisted of a Coach a Trainer, a GM, a Team and fans.. Well to take all this crap and throw it at one player is disgraceful and shouldn’t be accepted behaviour….

    Reimer started this season with a bang and considering what was tossed at him with Bernier coming over knowing that his job was alreadt giving to him, there never was a “it is his job to loose, or they are 1a and 1 b or “u win your in…a load of crap it was always Bernier and RC was nothing but a liar from day one….He’s a horrible Coach with no heart and cares only about what he wants not what’s good for this team…he was FIRED remember he didn’t leave of his own free will.. The team is a disgrace, the team favours Bernier no problem, but at this stage in the game does it not make since to suck it up and for once in your frigging lives play at a competing level of play???? doesn’t make sense to throw all the loses on Reimer, he was the only one in there battleing for his team for his life, and what does the team do,” we only play with Bernier but we’ll try to make it look like we have confidence in Reimer”


    SO it comes down too, there is teams looking for someone likes Reims, who sees the crap thrown his way, sees how this organization has caused his confidence to fade and his short brilliant career spiril with it, and looks at all the stats since hes played and sees that yes there’s some things that need tuning up but all fixible with a great Goalie Trainer and a team and coach that will stand and support their Goalies not just one that is the favorite he will find a great new start and will come back a whole different Goalie on a team that will face this patheic Leafs. team and shove it down your throats

    • whichonespink

      All good stuff right there. I’d also like to see less contact with our goalies, especially Reims. This is partly his fault because he doesn’t get pissed and drive his blocker into the back of players heads, i’d like to see more of that, he gets run way too much and if he can’t or won’t do it, we are supposed to have knuckledragers to take care of this sort of thing.

      • whichonespink

        Its great to see fans standing up for their players…and thanks for your support wuth my thoughts…I am a die hard Reimer Fan and I am not close minded to his flaws, all players have them, but I honestly beleive they are all fixable…if he had someone work with him on his rebounding and his glove side atc, and also maybe he does to play to hard sometimes which leads to over compenstating…and now a great deal of insecurties due to all the ranting going on about him doesn’t help….
        I also feel the same way regarding his lacking unconfrontation…

        Reims is a strong big guy and at times to nice for his own good….hes taking alot of hits year and rarely have I see him push back, and your right onone one on the team seems to give a crap and don’t defend him,I still beleive this is the whole idea and mentallity of the team as a way of getting rid of him he has taken hits from his own players as well…sad sad. I think alot of who and the way he is is his faith and I applaude him for that as I feel that makes him the person he is to be able to take everythin these pass few days and weeks and months and still come out to battle for his team that I feel has left him to the side for Bernieris amazing, alot of other players I don’t see them carrying it as well….But I feel someone needs to to speak with him about this, in the sense that Faith or no Faith this is a tough sport where as a Goalie you do tend to get beaten down and pushed and shoved and hit alot (excluding pucks) by players and if he can commit to becomming a physical player in which he gets pushed he shoves back heck back hand them that helps, your in my face/space he needs to get in their face he needs to come out and defend his crease at all costs, because the team he has now doesn’t give a crap about him and could care less about doing it for him….he would be awsome and I hate to say this but maybe even get some respect from the fans as well….I thought this was the coaches and trainers job, to looka and watch the players both in practice and in the games and work with the player to better his game…makes sense to me…

        Reims I adore you and will always be one of your biggest supporters no matter what, I hate to see you being desimated like this , you don’t need this crap..If it means saying good bye here…its not a loss for you it a loss for this organization…they always chew the players up and than spit them out…it will never change here because the fan base here continues to beat a dead horse or this team is like a gas tank with a leak you keep filling it up but it keeps loosing fuel and until the Leaf Fans stop suporting this awful organization it will continue as it has….thats why its been since 1967 I beleive there has been no Cup for Toronto….Love ya Buddy … God Bless….

  • whichonespink

    I think gardiner is emerging although his recent stretch is not sustainable. I say that because a lot of the goals that are coming from defence is from them aggressively jumping in to compensate for the lack of recent forward goal drought. The leafs have major defensive issues and a significant portion of that is Carlyles system and roster decisions. He has openly admitted to encouraging the defenseman to jump in and this is causing the 2-on1’s against. Its like trying to tape up a leak. Simply firing Carlyle make leafs better. Reimer will be gone this off season, how many more good players can we lose cause of a coach. Leafs have secondary scoring issues, you what would have helped that Mcarthur over clarkson, clarkson is a Carlyle type player, that says it all.