Don’t Forget Where You Came From

While getting ready for tonight’s games (I’m on both Leafs and Marlies duty tonight, so don’t judge me if I mix up some names in the recaps), I’ve been doing my usual combing through Twitter and various spots on the internet, looking for what the word is on just about anything Leafs related. I’m seeing…


Wayback Wednesday: Goalie Decision 1993

You know, despite him being a friend and a co-worker on this website, I don’t actually listen to Steve Dangle’s Podcast all that often. It’s very good, Adam and Chris make it that much better, but I just don’t. It’s nothing personal; I stopped regularly listening to almost any Podcasting efforts once I switched away from using…



One of these Stevens is an athlete. The other is a blogger. CAN YOU GUESS WHO IS WHAT? The bad news is that the Leafs are playing a divisional rival who’s close in the standings on the second half of a back-to-back. The good news is that that Leafs are finally back at the ACC…


Breaking Down The Reimer Drama

The Toronto Maple Leafs just lost to the Detroit Red Wings in a game where James Reimer saved three pucks, but allowed three to go past him. Two quotes and two tweets later, and everybody is in a state of mini-panic. Let’s break some statements down.


Leafs Postgame: Detroit Loss City

You know, this battle feels a lot different knowing that we won’t see the behind-the-scenes on HBO in a couple of days, doesn’t it? The Winter Classic storylines are over, and Toronto/Detroit returns to being just another new divisional matchup. The implications are heavy, though; a rookie-laden Red Wings roster is trying to claw their…