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  • TGT23

    Usually when you hold Ovechkin to no points you have a very good chance of winning a game… That just didn’t happen.

    You’re right in saying the team looked ‘off’. The first period was maddening. On all fronts.

    A turnover leads to Green having a wide open lane which led to the McClement penalty. And while Washington haven’t been a great team this season, them on the PP is scary. With our best penalty killer in the box it was a foregone conclusion what would happen. They scored. No blame to Reimer, he couldn’t do anything.

    But, the second goal came off of the one thing that basically divides the Reimer faithful from the Reimer doubters… A rebound. Worse; a glove side rebound.

    Some say he has no trouble catching pucks. They say that people who claim he does are ‘haters’. But, we saw it FOUR times in the first period. Four times. In one period. The team was very fortunate they weren’t down 5-0 after one.

    Third goal, another PP goal on a penalty I still don’t think was a penalty. No blame. Refs gifting a goal.

    You may have something with the time zone change being a factor. You may not. I don’t know. But, games like this are frustrating to watch. Hopefully tomorrow vs. Detroit is less so.