Bernier gone, but not for long . . . Hopefully


Jonathan Bernier left Thursday’s game against the Kings after the first period with a “lower body injury”, opening the door for James Reimer to produce a gym, leading the Leafs to victory. 

Since the Leafs label every injury as either an upper or lower body injury, we don’t know what Bernier’s injury is yet. And we may never know. But fear not, because his injury isn’t considered to be serious, at least according to coach Randy Carlyle.

That may just be damage control by Toronto’s forever-vague coach, but considering Bernier was on the bench to finish the game and no news of anything severe has come out yet, it looks like the Leafs dodged a bullet. 

Carlyle said Bernier is still feeling the effects of the injury from Thursday, but that he doesn’t think it’s severe and “you’d always like to make sure that you are making the right decisions.” 

According to rotoworld, Bernier is expected to undergo an MRI to reveal the extent of his injury. One thing we do know is that Bernier will not be available to play in Sunday’s matinee against the Capitals, and Drew MacIntyre will back up Reimer after being called up from the Marlies.

All the Reimer haters out there, cool your jets. He may be forced to start a few games in a row – or maybe more if Bernier’s injury is more serious than initially thought – but he’s more than capable of getting the job done. He may not be the superstar that Bernier has seemingly turned into, but he’s proven before that he’s able to carry the load.

Still, if Bernier’s injury is serious, it might cause some problems in Toronto. Bernier seems to have a calming presence over the whole team – something that isn’t exhibited when Reimer and his sporadic style occupy the net.

At this juncture, let’s just hope Carlyle is right and Bernier’s injury isn’t serious.

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  • Oh for the love of God, you think Bernier was a God or something, strange or is it that Bernier is being protected over a so called lower body injury but Reimer was fine I guess after getting hit twice in the head…no problem throwing him back in to the game. Thank God he did return, and what a come back it was so well deserved and fitting for Reimer to beat Quick and his wining streak and shut down the Kings, Bernier got scared is all, figured Reimer would go out there and throw the game nothing to fear from him anymore…guess what you were wrong, he did a great game just as he’s always been capable of doing…Hate Reimer tough luck, he’s here for now with it…Looks good to see Bernier out of it at least for now….


    • TGT23

      Nah. Bernier isn’t God… But, you protect your starting goalie this late in the year. Going to need a goalie who can control rebounds and catch a puck occasionally if the team has any shot.

      Reimer time is a scary time for Leaf fans this season.

      • TGT23

        Oh really, like we really need a Goalie who lost the first 2 games after being off for 2 weeks because he made mistakes or too cocky?? oh yeah, that kinda of Goalie will get you really far in the play offs…..Bernier’s had his share of awful goals on him, especially as he sucks when he gets those break aways and it’s one on one like in the shoot outs….
        Can’t handle it when he doesn’t have the team to help him out…
        Not Reimer he’s alot better oin the break aways and the shoot-outs and unlike Bernier doesn’t think it’s all about him…

        GOOD LUCK with your mis guided love for Bernier because thats all it is….

        Reimer Rules !!!!

        • TGT23

          Reimer has more games with four or more goals allowed then he has with less than three goals allowed. Reimer has more games with six goals allowed than Bernier has with five or more and Bernier has near double the amount of games played.

          Also, Bernier lost the first two games… In overtime… We got a point. Reimer has lost three of his four appearances since he also had two weeks off.

          You can’t bash Bernier for things that Reimer has done, and done worse at.

          Reimer’s lack of rebound control and inability to catch the puck were on display today. Four in the first period alone. THAT is a big part of the reason the team lost in the playoffs last season, and pretending it isn’t shows how bias you are.

          If we’re talking “mis guided love”, yours for Reimer, who has been awful this season and was a big part of the reason we lost to Boston last season, is far beyond anything the Bernier fans have going.

          At least Bernier has been good this season. More than one 2-period performance.

          • TGT23

            SO BE IT!! I’m not mis-guided in my views towards Bernier…he is to cocky and this cost’s mistakes that cost games, so you got a point in both over times, both games that should have not had to go to overtime, as it’s been said many times but everyone including Randy and the broad casters of both games…. it’s also a know fact because you see it evertime Bernier plays, if it’s a break away and there’s nothing standing between him and the player he misses more than he stops, and he sucks in the shoot-ots again one one one….anyone can be a great Goalie if he has his team to back him up, but it takes a great Goalie on his his that makes him stand out..and Reimer can and continues to be that… he still fumbles the rebounds not in all cases so that matter, he has improved, if he can get that worked out and can throw himself into being aggressive..he will be awsome…never said he no flaws but their fixable and he will do it….

            So yeah I do Favour Reimer but that’s my choice..never said he was perfect and again no matter who the Goalie is, without a great team in front of you, you can never be expected to take the whole responsibilty of wining or loosing the game. ITS CALLED TEAN WORK AND ALL PLAYERS NEED TO PLAY AS A TEAM…..or kiss any hope of ever wining the cup again…at this rate it will never happen…… as far as I am concerned they could have spent the money on bettering the front players over throwing another simarliar goal in to battle it out causing alot of hardship on to people for no reasonout…sounds like a real wasted move….and money not showed well spent…\bernier and the leasf didn’t get to where they are in the standingsnon Bernier shoulders alone…think about it, he’s not that great either…..

          • TGT23

            We’re going to talk about the mistakes Bernier has made that have hurt the Leafs?

            How many weak goals has Reimer given up?

            Let’s talk facts;

            Jonathan Bernier: 25-16-7 (.521)
            James Reimer: 11-10-1 (.500)

            Jonathan Bernier: .925 save percentage
            James Reimer: .913 save percentage

            Jonathan Bernier: 2.61 GAA
            James Reimer: 3.21 GAA

            Jonathan Bernier: .935 ES Save Percentage
            James Reimer .925 ES Save Percentage

            Jonathan Bernier’s last 10 games: 6-2-1 302/327 .924%
            James Reimer’s last 10 games: 2-5-0 279/312 .894%

            Nothing in these numbers show that Reimer is having even a decent season, and definitely not playing like a starting goalie. Especially compared to Bernier.

            If the Leafs make the playoffs they do so in large part because of Bernier. You talk about cocky and arrogant. Prove your work. Show me where the team doesn’t play well when Bernier is in net because he isn’t a “team” guy. Show me how he isn’t a team guy.

            The Leafs now have a real starting goalie (Bernier), and a serviceable, occasionally remarkable backup (Reimer).

    • TGT23

      YES REIMER CAN….so sad that his team let him down again today against the Capitals…If this team keeps playing this way they are not going to stand a chance in hell getting far into it…

      All you Reimer Haters, remember who got you there last year and remember who lost it last year and it wasn’t all on Reimer it was the whole team and their not playing any better this year..their not at a competing level with alot of the top teams thay will be in the play offs…

      GO REIMER GO…imagine if Reimer had a team in front of him who knew how to play and wanted to win, he would be awsome…