LFR7 – Game 66 – Crappy Bird – Tor 3, Ana 1

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 3.06.59 AM

The Leafs begin their Death Valley road trip with a win!

Kessel is entering Sundin territory, Bernier’s entering Vezina territory, and Bozak ain’t bad either.

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  • MaxPower417

    Montreal-Toronto would be an absolute god-send. It almost happened last year and I think it was the last 2-3 games played by TOR/BOS/MTL that dictated whether it happened or not. Who knows what would’ve happened if the Leafs had actually faced Montreal in the first round?

    It’s definitely a series to get excited about, and definitely one I want to see happen.

  • Jeremy Ian

    When talking about ANY Leafs line you could say “is outshot all the time”. I don’t think that necessarily a Bozak or “top line” thing. The Leafs game is to let their opponents get tired by taking so many shots…Rope-A-Dope.

    Leafs/Habs is a dream series ONLY if they win. I can’t stand losing to Montreal, Detroit or Ottawa. I’d rather lose to anyone else…but a WIN against the Habs would be the sweetest. Next to Boston.

  • whichonespink

    Hey Steve. I watch nearly every one of your post game videos & its just getting pretty frustrating with the voice out of sync with the video on pretty well every one of them. Is there any chance you could also upload to vimeo or some other video host cause youtube is just ruining these videos & can’t really enjoy them the way that we should be able to.

    I am on a macbook & have tried 3 different browsers. I don’t know if its a mac problem, but now adays I’m sure you have lots of viewers on macs.

    thanks, and keep up the great work!