LFR7 – Game 61 – Rusty Buds – Tor 4, NYI 5 (OT)

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 11.54.23 AM

Crappy way to follow up a gold medal, eh?

  • Jeremy Ian

    Hey Steve, we’re going to miss the Leaf-fan cave. For the record, my daughter, Sadie, especially likes your intros. All I have on my shelf left is an old signed photo of Salming and Palmateer and a little framed Power Player sticker of Dave Keon.

    The game against the Islanders? Terrible; just the way they played at their worst in Nov-Dec. Let’s hope this does not lapse into a familiar pattern. What’s so bothersome is that this team can play this way for long stretches or play well for stretches. They are so pendular, it;s maddening.

    Anyway, we’ll all be watching your last home video on Sunday.

  • Steve, you should take us through your old “set” as a tribute. Go through some of the stuff we see on your wall.

    Maybe mention how/where you got some pieces, the first that you collected or put up, just some ideas.

    Also, congrats on your purchase and welcome to Durham Region. I’m located in Whitby.

    PS you’re also right next to Courtice now where you made that “long trek” to deliver the Xbox for the Podcast.