The Steve Dangle Podcast – February 21, 2014 – Golden Girls and Mad Mike


“Ah, what can you do, eh?”

On this episode, Steve is the worst Canadian, loves women, and hates Mike Milbury for no good reason.

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  • I will admit, I 100% checked out with 5 mins left. Texted my friends saying “Whelp, we lose 3-0, empty netter will seal it”. They scored about 15 seconds later. I will also admit, I got real excited after that.

    I will also say, I would not watch women’s hockey. I watched my sister play for 10 years, so maybe I got disenchanted by being dragged all over Ontario , or by the drama present in the leagues, however I can’t say I enjoy it. I always found there was far too much passing and it was just far too slow for me.

    So there’s my two cents…

  • I think Adam was spot on about the Russians. I feel like on the big ice, a teams blueline is even more important than in the NHL (look at the success Canada has had mostly due to the strength of our defense). Russia has a pretty awful defense relative to other teams, and they haven’t developed good defensemen in a long time. That, and coaching, is the main reason they were so poor.

  • One thing that I think you guys are mistaken on is the comparison between the NHL and European Soccer. Teams bitch about it ALL THE TIME. Fans have had issues with it too, but the clubs hate it when their players have to leave. They accept it because no players would want to play for them otherwise, but the teams themselves bitch about it the same way they do here.

    That’s just one example.