CFR – Canada BARELY beats Latvia


So who’s excited to take on the States???

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  • acg5151

    I’d say because Canada will recognize every member of team USA, they will have a better game and appear to not be “just sliding by”. Both teams are comprised of familiar NHLer’s who play together/against one another on a regular basis. (Pacioretty will know Price’s tendencies, just as Carter and Doughty will be mindful of Jonathan Quick’s tendencies.)

    All of the teams Canada faced so far were already very familiar as teammates in the KHL, and of course already accustomed to playing on the international ice.

    I predict Canada and Sweden to play each other for gold, and USA and Finland to play each other for bronze. It’s too bad we don’t get to see Canada/USA as a gold medal game rematch.

    Go Canada!

  • Millerrr

    Seriously Steve? You bought the black jersey? Over the red? Or is that an ironic response to the SS comparisons?

    I watched the Canada – Austria game with no sound for about 5 minutes before I figured out that we were the Dark Side….

  • USA shots vs.
    Czech rep 25-23
    Slovenia 28-18
    Russia 33-31

    Canada shots vs.
    Latvia 57-16
    Finland 27-15
    Austria 46-23

    USA has been scoring a lot and Canada cant bury to save there lives, but Canada has blown away the competition whereas USA has been in some closer games. I get that Czech and Russia are better teams, but Finland isn’t bad and Czech had a horrible tournament. This game tomorrow is anybodies game, I don’t think there is a favourite.