CFR – Doughnuts, Oshie, and No more Noora

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Let’s change it up!
I talk about Canada’s win vs. Finland, that wicked Russia-USA game, and the future of Women’s Hockey.

  • beloch

    Kilmartin Ontario Canada.

    I have paid money to watch a CWHL game or two, I have two girls who play hockey fairly competitively.

    Sure I would pay $25 to watch a game like that Canada – Switzerland game.

    I think that the women’s game needs to be structured something like the world cup to succeed. Have the men’s pro leagues around the world invest in local women’s pro leagues. Then have a final tournament yearly – not a national tournament – but the best pro teams in each league playing off for a world crown. Maybe allow a 2-3 player pickup from your league before you go.

    Or an all-star team from each league playing for the world crown.

    It needs to be organized on a grand scale that would sell some tickets and sell some jerseys and generate some marketing money and pay a reasonable salary so goalies don’t have to quit at 24.

    We need the unholy love child of Vince McMahon and Dana White to promote it – it has to be serious hockey that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Use whatever to get people in the building and eventually the people will get it – kinda like MLS in the USA.

  • beloch

    Madison, Wisconsin, USA

    I would pay $25 – heck, I’d pay $30 or $40 – to watch women’s hockey. There’s no pro hockey here of any kind, even though people love the University of Wisconsin hockey team, so a women’s league would probably do quite well for itself. Besides, the homeland of Amanda Kessel deserves an excellent women’s hockey team. I think the Olympics proves there is a market for women’s hockey, even if it might take a while to get off the ground.

  • beloch

    Calgary, AB

    Women’s sport is great for establishing confidence, work ethic and healthy lifestyle choices. If I ever have a daughter, I will sign them up (or at least encourage them to sign up for) for hockey/soccer etc. The problem is that women’s hockey is vastly inferior to men’s.

    The Canadian women team trains against bantam AAA, and is no where near the quality of WHL. I would pay 20$ to see a WHL game, but honestly have often turned down free tickets. Women’s hockey is not viable because it is not good enough, the market is simply over saturated with better men’s leagues. Because of inferior talent, a female league would probably end up a gimmick, like the lingerie football league.

    I imagine some people may get offended, but I am just living in the real world.

    • beloch

      Midget AAA teams actually but I get your point.

      I enjoy watching the women play because it shows me where my daughters could possibly end up if they work hard and keep playing.

      The hockey is different and there’s not the same degree of talent but there’s also not the same amount of time and money invested in the women as they develop as hockey players. Where a boy playing AAA at 15 might get 6-8 hours a week of ice plus off-ice, the girls just don’t have that luxury. Yet.

      Watch some old hockey footage of when the players still had to have regular jobs and compare them with the finely tuned machines we have now.

      However, you are correct, there is better hockey in, say, the OHL vs. the CWHL but I think it can be much better than a gimmick.


  • beloch

    Yes you are right Midget…

    And they could improve if they were full time, but there are serious physiological limitations. My gimmick point is just that you wouldn’t be going to see it because of the skill level (there is a lot of better leagues), you would watch them because it is a women’s league. Although a best of 7 summit series between USA and Canada played in multiple North American cities is something I would watch. Those girls hate each other.