Brennan Represents Marlies in AHL Skills Competition


I talked a bit about T.J. Brennan’s domination for the Toronto Marlies in an article this morning, and tonight he had the chance to show off his skills on a bigger stage. The bulk of the anticipation came from his appearance in the Hardest Shot competition, and he impressed. While not the hardest, Brennan fired shots at 100.4, 101.5, and 100.6 miles per hour.

But his best moment? This goal in the breakaway challenge, pulling a card out of Pavel Datsyuk’s book:

Pretty stuff, right there. Brennan had another attempt a couple of minutes later, this time to win the skills competition, but he lost control of the puck. The AHL All Stars defeated Farjestads BK by a score of 18-17 and still have an actual all star game to play tomorrow.

  • STAN

    His talent, production and potential should allow Nonis to package a D-man (Franson) with, say Orr or McLaren for a high pick or two.

    Problem is Nonis & Co. seem to be too in love with all the guys they have, most of whom were acquired by Brian Burke.


    Can we trade Nonis for Stan Bowman?

    • Jord

      Yes, because a struggling Franson who isn’t signed after this season, and a 4th line player who should be in the pressbox every game will get you a “High pick, or two..I’m sure teams are just lining up for that deal. “

  • Jord

    Brennan sure has been impressive in the marlies, but organizational plans along with Carlyle’s ideal roster look need to be considered.

    I don’t think they want to field a defensive unit that have three players who favor puck-moving, offensive tendencies over stay at home defence (Gardiner, Reilly, Brennan).

    Gleason’s trade is evidence of that. The spare puck moving Dman was traded for a player who brings what Fraser and, to some extent, Ranger should be bringing to the table (which they have not).

    If you want Brennan in the lineup, you’re essentially asking Carlyle/Nonis to scratch/trade/send down Reilly or Gardiner. And I think most of us would agree that we’d rather give those two kids the playing time to develop their games as opposed to sacrificing their development for some Brennan bullets from the point.

    If either of the two kids are injured, I expect Brennan to be considered as a fill-in given their offensive upside.