The Steve Dangle Podcast – February 9, 2014 – Haha the Leafs beat the Canucks

In this episode, haha, the Leafs beat the Canucks! Followed by Olympic talk and the newest instalment of luvudangler.

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  • STAN

    Steve, on the topic of jagr, do you believe based on his performance this season (and possibly future seasons) and the fact that he missed playing three years in the KHL, that he could’ve hit 2000 career points?

  • Alex

    Damn right the NHL should sends it’s players to the Olympics, for pretty much reasons Steve said.

    I’ll just add this little tale to it.

    The last olympics in Vancouver I was still in school, before the final of men’s Ice Hockey, no one had paid attention to Hockey or heard of Sidney Crosby.

    After that game and golden goal was broadcast live on national T.V everyone in school was talking about hockey, the nhl and that guy Crosby.

    I went to school just outside of London, England.

    So yeah, damn right you keep sending the players over.

  • Alex

    I’m curious. We have had pros in the Olympics for what the last 6? Can anyone point to actual growth that comes from them? When the Olympics are in North America I can a tangible benefit but otherwise I think it is all wishful thinking. From Ed Sniders point I view there is no benefit to the NHL to going to Sochi. There is certainly no benefit from going to South Korea next Olympics. It’s not like they are going to open the south east Asia division if NHL players go. They would be better off keeping NHL players at home and letting other players fill the roster.