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  • STAN

    Stanley Cup contenders rarely have games where just don’t show up. The Leafs do it on a semi-regular basis. They don’t always lose them, but they consistently get outshot and unless they score at 16-20 percent clip, they ain’t gonna win.

  • You overlooked 2 things
    1) as great as Bernier played, he let in 2 stinkers..the 3rd goal was particularly AWFUL!!!

    which leads to my second point
    2) Clarkson’s goal DID seem to spark the least thats the ‘feeling’ I got..but then Bernier let in an AAWFULLLLLL goal.

    All that being said, you are correct, he played an amazing game (with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd goal ). 2nd was so-so..3rd was BRUTAL

    And I agree..big fan of Clarkson and when/if used properly we’ll see the best of him

  • Bernier was amazing in this game. That is all that is worth noting of the leafs performance.

    As far as Sundin goes , that is what a #1 Center and Captain plays like. Its too bad he came along in a era where the team around him was terrible. I can only dream what the leafs would be like if they had someone of Sundin’s size and calibre to play C with JVR and Kessell. Im willing to say Top3 line in the NHL.