LFR7 – Game 57 – Philling It – Ott 3, Tor 6

Kessel’s hatty lifts the Leafs in a controversial one.



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  • Jeremy Ian

    Kadri will at least face a “conversation” with the league. He’s got to watch it; though it was also a beauty-smart feed to Lupul. Talk about keeping your eye on things.

    Line 1. Carlyle better get ready for the opposition figuring out that the way to beat the Leafs is to smother the first line.

  • whichonespink

    No suspension for Kadri, but that was a penalty in any league. It’s just a blown call Maybe Cece was whining to the refs all game and they tuned him out. Who knows. Hitting from behind, boarding, maybe even charging. At first I didn’t think the goal would count, thought for sure Kadri was getting the box, other than the hit, it was a good play. If any team needs some calls or breaks, it’s the Leafs, so I don’t feel bad when they break our way. 1967 was a long time ago and we’ll need all the Mojo we can get. As fans of this team, we deserve these breaks, makes up for the no goal on JVR a couple of weeks back.

    PS, is there a podcast tonight? Say yes!

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    I am not sure what the rule is about hitting on the numbers and I was only able to see the replay from a camera angle focused on the opposite side from where Kadri hit Cece which looked worse that it probably was (Cece got up right away remember…)

    I suspect if we had the opposite camera angle we would have seen Cece looking at Kadri his head slightly down, left shoulder facing the incoming Kadri-train at about a 45 degree angle. What did Kadri see? He likely saw a legal target — Cece’s shoulder. Not what he hit in the end but a second before as decided to hit, that is probably what he saw.Kadri proceeded to paste him on the back definitively but higher up towards the left shoulder than the numbers.

    Its important to remember that in post game commentaries we all heard Cece say something like “i saw him coming and turned my numbers to him”. He admits to doing this purposely. Kadri may or may not have had time to change his momentum. My 32 years hockey tells me ya he could have. But he didnt: Kadri is nasty that way.

    So whats the rule on this? I am not sure, but a guy turns his numbers on me, i m pasting him else wise he gonna do that crap til the end of days. The league should probably suspend Kadri 2 games to send a message to the true goons out there who do this for sport.

    Me, I liked the hit.

  • whichonespink

    How come the advanced stat folks and all the media are trashing on Kadri for that goal by calling it controversial and dirty. That was a strong hockey play. He hit ceci on the number and made an incredible centring play. The league agrees, the ref agree and the only people who complain are sens fans and some in the advanced stat crowd.

    I realize Kadri’s is a defensive liability at times and a sub 50% corsi player but enough of this corsi bashing of the leaf players. Kadri is dynamite player that is still developing. I could care less what these stats say about him.

    • Leaf Fan in Mexico

      I do not think the general advanced stats community dislikes Kadri, infact he is one the leafs better possession players. I also would not lump the mainstream media in the same boat as advocates of analytics since they usually do not agree.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    Dangerous? Absolutely.
    Dirty? Doesn’t look like it to me. I mean, not exactly a smart play but didn’t seem to be anything other than simply dangerous.

    Anyways, more pressing issue: The jersey/crest that Steve is holding up in the freeze frame.

    Can anybody please tell me why they used a lowercase letter ‘n’ in “TOROnTO”?

    What’s up with that? Cannot un-see it.