• Bertly83

    The trade? I am feeling good, I am now at least half right

    “With Gleason playing steady and Granberg at +14 (at 21 years old in his first year in the AHL) the Leafs should start thinking about trading Fraser and Ranger to a place like Edmonton.”


    Ranger here as the 7th defenceman seems fine until the end of the year. His contract is only for 1 year.


    All it will take is time and continued scoring. Maybe something suspension worthy against Marchand? Maybe the winning goal to end a series against Boston?

  • Bertly83

    Leafs are 13-7 without Clarkson in the lineup (feels like they play a lot better without him), 36-3-5-8 at 5.25 million…yikes. I’m sure he’s a great guy in the room, but at that price tag we have to get him going or move him.

  • Bertly83

    So I hear that Nazem doesn’t like being called Nazeem the Dream because that simply isn’t how you annunciate his first name. Sooooo instead of calling him the Dream how about a new nickname?

    My choice? Kadbury Studmuffin.